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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

Garage floor damaged by de-icers? Here's how to repair it

If you live in a snowy climate and routinely park your vehicle inside a garage, you know that winter weather impacts more than just your driveway and outdoor pavements. It also affects garage flooring by leaving salt stains and other marks on the concrete surface. Below, we take a look...

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Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly, and Environmentally Safe this Winter

With the rising costs of electricity and home-heating fuels, homeowners are more concerned than ever before about maintaining an energy efficient home. Concerns for safety and for the environment are also high priorities among many homeowners, and thankfully, the very same actions that curb the high costs of home energy...

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How to Avoid Common Winter Liability Issues On Your Home's Property

Winter brings with it some legitimate concerns for the safety of your family and of your building due to extreme weather events that may arise. It also, however, brings another kind of concern- a legal concern over being held liable for accidents that may occur on your property.  The question...

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How the Different Winter Elements Affect Your Home's Roof

Winter weather can be hard on your home in general, but usually, your roof will suffer more than any other part of your house. This damage can be attributed to particular elements of winter weather, each of which tends to harm your roofing in different ways. Knowing what these dangers are...

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Residential Snow Removal Services: What Are Your Options?

Many homeowners opt to hire out their annual snow and ice removal tasks, some for a lack of time to deal with it themselves, others for health and safety reasons. Another factor is the expense of purchasing and maintaining a snow blower, which is essential for long drives and sidewalks...

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Why You're Paying for Snow Removal Even If You Don't Realize It

Many homeowners, when asked "How much do you pay for snow removal?," are quick to answer, "We don't pay anything for snow removal because we do it all ourselves." Yet, in reality, there are costs, both financial and otherwise, that come into play when you shovel your own snow. Whether...

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Top 5 Questions Homeowners Ask in Winter

As winter approaches, homeowners will be asking numerous questions about how to best manage the cold, snow, and ice. Protecting your property and avoiding unnecessary expenses can often be achieved through knowledge and implementation of a few simple tips. Every homeowner will have a somewhat different set of questions and...

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How to Save Money by Preparing for Winter’s Worst

Preparing for the winter season can involve a substantial investment,  but not preparing for it may lead to even greater expenses in the aftermath of a major storm or in continuously harsh winter weather conditions. Knowing how to to save money while preparing for winter's worst is a skill that...

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5 Tips for Adjusting Your Insurance Policy for Winter

Homeowners' insurance can be a major risk-management tool that saves you money in the long run and, even when your premiums exceed your claims, saves you out-of-pocket expenses and interest on loans you would otherwise have had to take out for urgent repairs. Additionally, your homeowners' policy can give you...

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