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Customers No Longer Shoveling Snow

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How HeatTrak Mats Work

See Why These Happy HeatTrakers Joined the #NoShovel Club

I have been adding one or more HeatTraks a year to my homes to reduce or eliminate my snow and ice removal services/chores. They are very simple to install and work as advertised. They give me peace of mind to ensure safety for guests and delivery services.

Donna K. - Verified Buyer

Work as shown, I was skeptical but we have repeatedly received over 6 inches of snow each storm this year, and these mats remain clear. They are placed on our wood deck, and we've had a lot of ice, the mats are keeping the walkway free of ice and are often completely dry.

Beth S. - Verified Buyer

Great customer service. They honor their warranty with no hassle what so ever. I love not having to worry about ice on my steps. The peace of mind is worth the price of these mats!

Janet H. - Verified Buyer

Outstanding product. I have 3 mats that clear the way from our door to a hot tub and our feet stay warm without shoveling!

Justin W. - Verified Buyer

Great product. HeatTrak stands behind their product and is speedy to send out a replacement. They have impeccable customer service. American made!!!

roebuckbill - Verified Buyer

HeatTrak Heated Mats for Snow are Safe, Smart, & Effective.

Effortless Snow Removal at Your Fingertips.

Don't let snow & ice take over your winter again- You deserve to enjoy your snow day! Get HeatTrak’s award-winning, highly rated advanced snow and ice removal system. Over 750,000 of our quality heated mats for snow have been sold to over 230,000 customers. We are proud to be the original manufacturer and leaders in the snow removal business. And all mats are made in North America.

Pet friendly ice melting solutions

Safe for Paws.
Safe for You.

Keep your pets and the environment healthy with chemical-free, zero-accident snow removal with HeatTrak snow melting Mats.

HeatTrak's heated walkway mats melt snow keeping your paths safe during the winter.

Walkway Mats

Foundational, versatile solution for winter safety. Use independently or connect to other heated mats for a complete snow melting system.

Shop Walkway Mats
HeatTrak Stair mats make stairways safer during the winter by melting snow and ice.

Stair Mats

HeatTrak Stair Mats provide reliable traction and melt snow and ice, ensuring your stairs are always safe and accessible during winter.

A pair of dogs sitting outside a home with a HeatTrak Entrance Mat that melted the snow.

Entrance Mats

Say goodbye to icy entrances with these innovative heated mats that melt snow and ice, ensuring a safe and warm welcome.

Shop Entrance Mats
HeatTrak heated driveway mats melting snow and ice on a driveway.

Driveway Mats

HeatTrak Driveway Mats quickly melt snow and ice, providing a safe and clear path for vehicles and pedestrians, making them a must-have for homeowners in winter.

Shop Driveway Mats
Commercial Grade Mobility Ramp Snow Mats

Mobility Mats

HeatTrak Mobility Ramp Mats provide a practical solution for wheelchair users, offering enhanced safety and accessibility by preventing snow and ice accumulation on ramps, ensuring smooth and secure mobility year-round.

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Designing Your HeatTrak System

Step 1: Measure Your Space

Create a snow-free path by choosing and measuring the space.

Step 2: Choose Your Mats

We have mats designed for stairs, walkways, entryways, mobility ramps, and driveways that can fit any home. A watertight plug & socket system connects Walkway Mats and Stair Mats together to create a continuous snow-free path. Connect up to 13-amps of Walkway & Stair Mats together.

Step 3: Add Your Smart Home Accessories

Remote Controls, Smart Home Wi- Fi Enabled Outlet and Inline Thermostat add customization and function to the Snow & Ice Melting System.

Step 4: Easy Installation So You Can Enjoy Your Day

The mats are designed to remain plugged in for your convenience. With a responsive reset button (ON) and a test button (OFF), you're in control, effortlessly turning them on or off as needed without unplugging the unit. Just tap that ON button and watch the melting magic happen!

HeatTrak's Customer Service Team

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