Heated Snow Melting Entrance Mat - Small - 24"x36"

Does not daisy-chain with walkway mats or stair mats.

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SKU: HDM24-36P

Entrance Mats: A Snow Melting Door Mat

Put the ‘warm’ in warm welcome with heated entrance mats! Enjoy your snow days without backbreaking shoveling or snowed-in entryways. With HeatTrak Entrance Mats, you can melt away snow and ice at 2 inches an hour, giving you the time and energy to make your winters a true wonderland.


Talk about a GRAND entrance! HeatTrak Heated Entrance Mats are the ultimate solution for winter woes. These innovative heated entrance mats effortlessly melt snow and ice, providing a safe and slip-free passage to your doorstep.

Melts up to 2" of Snow Per Hour!

Edge to Edge Snow and Ice Melting Power!

Put snow removal convenience at your fingertips with a HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Entrance Mat. Entrance mats are reliable, durable and ready the moment the storm hits to melt 2" (5 cm) of snow per hour.

Engineered with Safety in Mind

- Anti-slip grip textured surface

- Coated black grommets to secure mat

- Watertight Cord

Before HeatTrak Snow and Ice Melting Mats


After HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats are installed




Snow and Ice Melting Mats Sold


Households no longer shoveling