Stop Snow & Ice Accumulation

with Heated Snow Melting Mats


Over 100,000 Happy, Safe & Slip-Free Customers

No more shoveling, salting or slipping with Heated Snow & Ice Melting Mats! Prevent snow and ice accumulation around the home, on outdoor walkways & stairways, driveways, around small business storefronts, at industrial facilities and commercial environments.
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The HeatTrak Snow Removal Success Plan

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Curious how much your mats will cost to run? Or how much electricity they will use? Find out here:


Frequently Asked Questions

Clearing Up Some Myths About Our Mats

  • Will HeatTrak mats cause an exorbitant electricity bill?

    No. Your mats will cost you less than $1 per snow day! See exactly how much they'll cost with our electricity calculator here.

  • Will HeatTrak mats work even in extreme snow conditions?

    Yes. HeatTrak mats melt snow at 2" per hour!

  • Can HeatTrak mats be driven on?

    Yes, our Commercial and Driveway heated mats are safe to drive on.

  • Will HeatTrak mats wear out if I leave them out all winter?

    No way! HeatTrak mats are designed to be left out all winter long.