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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

A Reality Check for Seniors Living Alone in Wintertime

With modern technologies at their disposal, more awareness of smart, healthy lifestyle practices, and a wider range of connectivity, seniors have developed into a stronger, more independent generation than history has ever seen before. Of course, as a senior living on your own, there are certain situations you need to...

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Shoveling Increases Heart Attacks, Study Shows

A recent Canadian study proves what homeowners in cold-weather climates have always suspected: the risk of heart attack increases following a snowfall. The study was conducted in Quebec from 1981 to 2014 and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Researchers studied 128,000 heart attack cases and some 68,000 deaths...

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The Cold, Hard, Ugly Truth about Shoveling Snow

Approximately 11,500 snow-shoveling related injuries occur in the United States each year, 95 percent of them occurring at or near the injured person's home. While more than 20 percent of such injuries involve adults age 55 or older, the remaining 80 percent make it obvious that seniors are not the...

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Why You're Paying for Snow Removal Even If You Don't Realize It

Many homeowners, when asked "How much do you pay for snow removal?," are quick to answer, "We don't pay anything for snow removal because we do it all ourselves." Yet, in reality, there are costs, both financial and otherwise, that come into play when you shovel your own snow. Whether...

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The Most Common Snow Shoveling Injuries

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine has recently published the results of a 17-year study that documents the most common injuries associated with shoveling snow. The study found that 11,000 people were hospitalized per year, and 195,000 across the whole span, due to accidents stemming from snow shoveling. Most of...

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Tips to Lessen the Strain of Snow Shoveling on Your Heart Health

Along with the beautiful landscapes that winter brings comes the tedious, and frequently dangerous task of shoveling snow off of walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. While snow shoveling is important in lowering the risk of slip-and-falls outside your home, it must be recognized as also increasing your health risks by straining...

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