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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

Six Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Options for Your Home

There’s no question that snow removal is a necessity when it comes to maintaining safety during the winter months. Unfortunately, some of the methods used for removing ice and snow simply aren’t good for the earth. The use of one of the most damaging snow removal methods, rock salt, has...

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Is Rock Salt Causing Damage to your Roof?

When the winter months hit and the snow begins to fall, one of homeowners’ first concerns is often the accumulating snow on their rooftop. While it’s completely manageable with the right information and resources, snow and ice that piles up on what is literally “the roof over your head” is...

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What’s Better: Snow Melting Mats or Heated Driveways?

If you’re considering which option is better, snow melting mats or a heated driveway, then you already understand the appeal of either of these compared to the alternatives. Both are effective in maintaining a snow-free driveway and eliminating issues such as damage from rock salt, the maintenance involved with constant...

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Tree and Landscaping Hazards Caused by Snow & Ice

Homeowners with well-manicured lawns sometimes dread and fear the arrival of winter, realizing that their precious trees, bushes, flowers, plants, and sod may suffer the effects of "winter kill." And this is a reasonable concern, given the significant investment of time, effort, and money you may have put into your...

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Homeowners: Do's & Don'ts for Protecting Your Driveway This Winter

Concrete driveways don’t come cheap. Pouring a standard 1,000 sq. ft. (92.9 square meters) cement driveway will run you anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 (approximately $2,675-$6,688 CAD), and even simple resurfacing will cost you upwards from $2,250 (approximately $3,009 CAD). Since this is a pricey endeavor, you want to do everything you can...

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