Heated Snow Melting Mobility Ramp Mat, 36" x 10'

Sale price$ 1,470.00 USD
SKU: HTM36-10
Voltage: 120V

Heated Mobility Ramp Mats

Experience the transformative power of HeatTrak Mobility Ramp Mats as they effortlessly melt away the winter's icy barriers. Designed for both metal and wood ramps, these mats enable those with mobility challenges to navigate with ease and ensure safe passage.


Say farewell to the hassle of shoveling snow and dealing with icy conditions on your ramp! HeatTrak Mats keep ramps clear of snow and ice while providing extra traction. These North American-made mats are prepped and ready before the storm hits, saving you time and effort.

Melts up to 2" of Snow Per Hour!

Edge to Edge Snow and Ice Melting Power!

Put snow removal convenience at your fingertips with a HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Stairway Mat. Stairway mats are reliable, durable and ready the moment the storm hits to melt 2" (5 cm) of snow per hour.

Engineered with Safety in Mind

- Anti-slip grip textured surface

- Coated black grommets to secure mat

- Watertight Cord

Before HeatTrak Snow and Ice Melting Mats


After HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats are installed




Snow and Ice Melting Mats Sold


Households no longer shoveling