Trust the top-rated snow removal industry leader to help your company reduce slip & fall liabilities, decrease labor costs, add convenience, and WOW customers and staff all winter long.  

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HeatTrak Pro Mats - Industrial Snow & Ice Melting Mats for Businesses
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Why HeatTrak Pro Snow & Ice Melting Mats?

Conquer winter like a PRO. HeatTrak's innovative industrial heat mats proactively melt snow and ice from your walkways, stairs, entranceways, and other areas of your facility that help with:

  • Safety through reducing slips and falls liability 
  • Labor-savings  
  • Cost-savings  
  • Convenience  
  • Wow-factor for your customers, guests, and/or staff 

HeatTrak manufactures all mats in North America.

Industrial Snow Melting Walkway Mats

Foundational, versatile solution for winter safety. Use independently or connect these mats to other HeatTrak Industrial Walkway Mats for a complete snow melting system.

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Industrial Snow Melting Mats for Stairs

Industrial Snow Melting Stair Mats

HeatTrak Industrial Stair Mats provide reliable traction and melt snow and ice, ensuring your stairs are always safe and accessible during winter.

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Commercial Grade Mobility Ramp Snow Mats

Commercial-Grade Mobility Ramp Mats

HeatTrak PRO Mobility Ramp Snow Melting Mats provide a practical solution for wheelchair users, offering enhanced safety and accessibility by preventing snow and ice accumulation , ensuring smooth and secure mobility year-round.

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Elevate and automate your snow melting system with smart accessories and more.

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Why HeatTrak?

We Invented It

Our innovative products have revolutionized winter maintenance, producing the market’s top-rated snow melting mats.

We Perfected It

Since 2004, the engineers at HeatTrak have taken great care to develop a durable, safe and effective snow and ice melting system.

We Manufacture It

Each HeatTrak mat is made in North America by us and promptly delivered from our warehouse to your doorstep when you need them most.

Humbly Awesome Team

The hands, hearts, and minds behind the Mats are committed to helping you create your perfect winter management system.


Over the years, HeatTrak has consistently been recognized as an industry winner in Safety and Exterior Maintenance categories.

Making Winter Accessible for All

Our Mats are designed to seamlessly melt snow and ice for all areas of your home or workplace allowing for safer, accessible, cost-effective winters.

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Customers No Longer Shoveling Snow

What Our Customers Are Saying

See why businesses and facilities decided to go PRO.

"The mats were a perfect solution for the steel grated walkways around the facility. The mats kept them clear of snow and ice and we didn’t have to worry about the employees slipping and falling."

Ted W.

P.E. IDC Facilities Services, Coors Brewing Company

"We used to always have ice build-up on the central footbridge until we installed a HeatTrak mat. I’m sorry I didn’t find you guys sooner."

Jim R.

Solitude Mountain Resort, Manager

"The heated mats and stair treads did a great job keeping ice and snow off the main entranceway. We were also pleasantly surprised to see how well the mats stood up to the hundreds of Alcoa employees who walked over them every morning."

Wendy B.

Alcoa Inc., Sr. Facilities Engineer

"We were extremely happy with the HeatTrak mats. They did an excellent job keeping the entrances ice free for our students and faculty."

Donny A.

Wake Forest University, Facilities Manager