HeatTrak Showcases Award-Winning Snow and Ice Melting Solutions at NAES Safety Conference

HeatTrak Showcases Award-Winning Snow and Ice Melting Solutions at NAES Safety Conference

New Orleans, LA – HeatTrak®, the leader in innovative snow and ice melting solutions, showcased its award-winning HeatTrak PRO line at last month’s North American Energy Services (NAES) Safety Conference in New Orleans. This premier event, dedicated to enhancing safety within the energy sector, served as an ideal platform for HeatTrak to demonstrate its range of solutions designed to mitigate slips, falls, and related liabilities in commercial spaces during the winter. 

Engaging directly with industry professionals, HeatTrak highlighted the effectiveness and versatility of its snow and ice melting mats. The conference also featured a giveaway of a HeatTrak product, emphasizing the company’s commitment to promoting safety and preventing winter accidents. 

Chip Allen, VP of Commercial Sales, shared his insights from the conference: "One of the key takeaways for me was hearing other solutions our product solves for within a NAES power plant. Of course, there are entryways, walkways, catwalks, and other high traffic areas where our heat mats are a remedy for slips and falls. However, there are other areas that I discovered could use our application. For example, demineralization trailers often leak water in their process creating an icy area and unsafe conditions. The NAES managers recognized the need for our solution at these locations. They also inquired about customized solutions for their smaller sized steps. Overall, the response was incredible with lots of discussion, collaboration, and problem solving with our HeatTrak team and the NAES attendees," said Allen. 

Hillel Glazer, CEO of HeatTrak, commented on the importance of the event, "The NAES Safety Conference highlighted the crucial role of our HeatTrak PRO solutions in the energy sector. The overwhelming positive response and the discussions around customization options affirm our dedication to preventing winter-related accidents and enhancing safety in commercial spaces." 

About HeatTrak 

HeatTrak® is the original manufacturer of the snow and ice melting mat, leading the way in winter safety and convenience for both businesses and homes. With a focus on innovation and safety, HeatTrak's award-winning products are engineered to reduce the risk of slips and falls, ensuring safer winter conditions in commercial environments. Recognized for its commitment to quality, safety, and effectiveness, HeatTrak continues to pioneer solutions that make winter conditions safer and more manageable for everyone. Find out more at heattrak.com. 

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