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The Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day With Your Kids

The Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day With Your Kids
The Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day With Your Kids
There was no better feeling than being a kid, and waking up to a window full of snow and my mom telling me that school was closed.
On a lot of those days, my parents had to work, and my sister and I would spend the snow day with our next door neighbors, taking turns sledding down the hill in a nearby park.
But occasionally, my parents would take the day off of work, and spend a magical day with us inside.
If you still have young kids at home, and are fortunate enough to share a snow day with them this year, we want you to make the most of it.
So we’ve rounded up some of the best ‘snow day activities’ lists on the web for you to peruse, plus spotlighted a few of our favorite activities from each.
Heather Riggleman, Her View From Home
Some of Heather’s great ‘boredom busters’ and ‘sanity savers’ include using the snow in fun food recipes--hot cocoa, ice cream, and a great maple syrup experiment
Morgan Shanahan, BuzzFeed
Of course Buzzfeed has a list. This one includes some great DIY activities and little science experiments that kids would really enjoy. Learn how to make ice marbles out of balloons, water, and food coloring, master shadow puppets, build an epic fort, and so much more.
Mommy Poppins, Mommy Poppins
While your kids might want to run outdoors to play in the snow, sometimes freezing temperatures make that impossible--or dangerous, at the very least. This list of indoor activities is really 90 long, as Mommy Poppins links to another list of 50 indoor activities she had compiled for a rainy day. In addition to some cute crafts ideas, she proposes a solution to your kids’ desire to play in the snow--bring the snow inside!
Amanda Kingloff + Lauren DeBellis, Parents Magazine
If your snow day didn’t come with plunging temperatures and it’s safe to play outside, then this photo-friendly collection is for you. Explore great activities for outdoor play like snow graffiti, several recipes for bird feeders, a scavenger hunt with colored ice cubes, and pin the smile on the snowman.
Toni Anderson, The Happy Housewife
In case any of the above lists fall short, this one should have you covered. It’s broken down into sections like a snow day book list, printable activity sheets, crafts, snacks, and more!
If you don’t have kids, or your children are grown up and want to spend their snow day with friends, we’ve got you covered--tomorrow’s post is all about the best ways to spend a snow day when you’re no longer a kid.
Happy Snow Day!!

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