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HeatTrak Mats Sold


Customers No Longer Shoveling Snow

World’s Leading Manufacturer and Inventor of Snow Melting Mats

HeatTrak stands proudly as the unrivaled pioneer and foremost manufacturer of cutting-edge snow and ice melting mats for both residential and commercial use. For more than two decades, we have devoted ourselves to the meticulous art of crafting and refining outdoor heating solutions, resulting in an unparalleled level of expertise. Our unwavering dedication to your safety and the well-being of your walkways sets us apart in every conceivable way.

HeatTrak - Original Manufacturer of Snow & Ice Melting Mats
I have been adding one or more HeatTraks a year to my homes to reduce or eliminate my snow and ice removal services/chores. They are very simple to install and work as advertised. They give me peace of mind to ensure safety for guests and delivery services.

Donna K. - Verified Buyer

"The mats were a perfect solution for the steel grated walkways around the facility. The mats kept them clear of snow and ice and we didn’t have to worry about the employees slipping and falling."

Ted W. - P.E. IDC Facilities Services, Coors Brewing Company

Work as shown, I was skeptical but we have repeatedly received over 6 inches of snow each storm this year, and these mats remain clear. They are placed on our wood deck, and we've had a lot of ice, the mats are keeping the walkway free of ice and are often completely dry.

Beth S. - Verified Buyer

"The heated mats and stair treads did a great job keeping ice and snow off the main entranceway. We were also pleasantly surprised to see how well the mats stood up to the hundreds of Alcoa employees who walked over them every morning."

Wendy B. - Alcoa Inc., Sr. Facilities Engineer

Outstanding product. I have 3 mats that clear the way from our door to a hot tub and our feet stay warm without shoveling!

Justin W. - Verified Buyer

"We were extremely happy with the HeatTrak mats. They did an excellent job keeping the entrances ice free for our students and faculty."

Donny A. - Wake Forest University, Facilities Manager

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