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Heated Mats for Snow vs. Snow Thrower

Is your snow on the lighter side this year? Snow throwers can do the job, but they don’t have the power to tackle unexpected snowstorms and require frequent recharging. HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats are the versatile, durable solution designed to melt snow at 2 inches an hour, all winter long.

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Home Heated Melting Mats For Snow

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Until we actually witnessed the heat mats in action we couldn’t really believe that they would do the job as advertised. They performed as promised in the biggest snowstorms and saved us so much shovelling time. During the snowstorms we just watched through the window as the snow melted away. It allowed us to get to our Jacuzzi without any trouble. 👏👏 

No snow accumulation on mats after 12 inch snow storm!

These mats are wonderful. We got 24 inches of snow and we didn't have to shovel at all. Our pine trees above the mats drop snow for a few days after a storm so we keep them on until that stops. We used to have to hire someone to shovel the snow and then two and three days later we had an ice sheet under the pine trees.

I have two porches that I cannot use in winter because the snow drifts and ice accumulation keep the screen doors from opening outward. I put one mat in front of each door and the problem was solved! I'm extremely happy with their performance.

We received our first mat for Christmas. We liked it so much that I bought six more. We don’t mind snow but the ice is horrible where we live. We already had solid ice on our walkways when we received the HeatTrak Mats. You’re supposed to set the mats on top of clean sidewalks but we set them on top of solid ice and they quickly melted it.

Would recommend HeatTrak. We have the entry mat and stair mats. Installation was easy. And the system lets you know if you do not have connection. Minimal effort was required. And now we have a cleared pathway to the door of our winter cabin. Harry was right. We were done in less than 20 minutes from the time we opened the boxes. Thank you for engineering a functional and easy to use product.