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Success Stories: Keeping Business Thriving at Buskey Bay Restaurant

Success Stories: Keeping Business Thriving at Buskey Bay Restaurant

The Challenge 

Buskey Bay Restaurant, located in Iron River, WI, was facing a significant challenge during heavy snowfall periods. The dangerous conditions on the steps and ramp area were causing the restaurant to lose business as customers were hesitant to navigate the treacherous entryway. 

The HeatTrak PRO Solution 

Chris Diesing, the owner of Buskey Bay Restaurant, turned to HeatTrak PRO for a solution. By installing heated mats on the steps and ramp, the restaurant was able to provide a safe and clear pathway for customers, even during heavy snowfall. The mats became a key feature of the restaurant, ensuring safety and enhancing the overall experience for patrons. 

Key Outcomes 

  1. Safety: The HeatTrak PRO mats provided a safe and secure entryway for customers, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls. This safety feature was crucial for maintaining business during the winter months when snowfall was at its peak.
  2. Wow-Factor: The mats quickly became the talk of the town. Customers were impressed with the innovative solution, and it became a point of pride for Chris to showcase the mats. The unique feature added a premium feel to the restaurant, drawing in curious patrons and boosting the restaurant's reputation.
  3. Labor Savings: With the heated mats in place, Chris no longer had to spend time shoveling snow. This freed him up to focus on running his business and providing excellent service to his customers.

    Client Testimonial 

    Dieising shared his satisfaction with HeatTrak PRO: 

    "Let me begin by saying thank you. These things are awesome. I bought what I could afford and it's the talk of the town. My restaurant is in Iron River, WI. Bayfield County Wisconsin has seen snowfall totals over 12' this year. Your product is what everyone asks me about when they come to my bar, and I'm proud to talk about it. Nobody's seen anything like it before. We served 110 plates last night DURING a blizzard, yet people felt safe coming here. I'm telling you, my front steps are all the buzz here in town and we're a major destination spot for snowmobilers, Birkebeiner enthusiasts, and sled dog racing. We see thousands of people here every winter. Snow can fall from October to May." 


    The successful implementation of HeatTrak PRO at Buskey Bay Restaurant highlights the transformative impact of effective snow and ice management. By ensuring safety, adding a wow-factor, and saving labor, the mats not only solved a critical problem but also boosted the restaurant's business and reputation. This success story demonstrates the value of HeatTrak PRO in enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency, making it an excellent investment for businesses in snowy regions. 

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