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How to Melt a Huge Pile of Snow Fast

How to Melt a Huge Pile of Snow Fast

You’ve just gone outside only to see a huge pile of snow pushed up against the apron of your driveway. More than an inconvenience, this exasperating situation might also be a safety hazard. But, how did all this snow get there in the first place? Most likely, it was pushed there by a large snow plow.

While we love how quickly snow plows clear our roadways, we could live without the driveway blockades. So, before you reach for the snow shovel to dig yourself out, read through this guide on how to melt a huge pile of snow fast. 

Option 1: Hot Water

The easiest option is to use hot water. Think back to summertime for a moment. What happens to ice cream on a hot day? It melts pretty immediately. The same is true of that big pile of snow in your driveway when you douse it with hot water.

The fastest way to cover the snow in hot water is with a hose. Connect a hose to a faucet, turn hot water on full blast, and spray the pile until it melts. This should only take a few minutes, and you’ll be left with only a puddle.

After your snow is reduced to a puddle, you’ll want to make sure you cover it with a mixture of ice melter and sand to prevent the water from freezing into ice. This is the same method used on roadways to keep them from getting icy. 

Option 2: Ice Melter

An ice melter (de-icer) is a professional mixture used to melt ice quickly. If you have some on hand, you can use it instead of hot water. Ice melter is a mix of calcium chloride and sodium chloride, and it will cut through snow instantly.

Apply it liberally to your snow pile according to the directions that came with the mixture. Ice melter is a great product to have on hand in the winter, and it will prevent water from freezing later, as temperatures drop. 

Option 3: Contact a Professional

Finally, if the snow pile is too large to remove on your own, contact a professional. If the City’s snow plow is what caused the pile in front of your driveway, the City should have someone you can call to get it removed free of charge.

If your local snow plow is consistently leaving snow piles on your property, it might be worth talking to your local leaders. While snow plowing is necessary, it’s also important for your community to as be hazard-free as possible.

Bonus: Plan Ahead for Next Time

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to prevent snow-plow snow piles on your driveway is to take some preventative steps. If you live in a region that’s prone to snowstorms, keep your eye on the weather. 

The next time you are aware that snow is heading your way, use a shovel or a snow blower to clear a space to the left side of your driveway. Make sure this area is at least 10 feet long and a car width wide. This way, when the plow makes its way down your street, the snow will get pushed into this open area rather than in your driveway. It’s not a perfect science, but it works. 

Keep Your Driveway Clear

Keeping your driveway clear of snow piles during the winter months can sometimes seem like a full-time job. However, you don’t have to let them get you down. While you might want to invest in a snow blower or ice melter that will get the job done quickly, there are DIY solutions such as hot water that work just as well to melt that snow.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you find yourself facing a pile of snow in your driveway or on your property. The ideas above will have you on your way in no time. 

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