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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Someone to Remove Snow

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Someone to Remove Snow

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Someone to Remove SnowHaving a snow removal plan is a must for any homeowner. Ensuring safe passage to and from your home, avoiding slip and fall accidents and even avoiding snow removal fines all make this a worthwhile endeavor.

When it comes to choosing the best strategy, one of the more tempting choices may be to not deal with it at all but rather hire someone to shovel snow. This is an option that many people go with and it’s been a source of income for many neighborhood kids throughout the years. While it may be a long-time and common choice with some definite benefits, hiring someone to remove snow also has some drawbacks to consider carefully before deciding to go this route.

Pros of Hiring Someone to Remove Snow

  1. Getting it Done
    The first and most obvious benefit of hiring someone to shovel snow is that you don’t have to do it, and it gets done. As long as you have someone reliable and can rest assured that they’ll show up and do the job when they say they will, the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about this task can be worth the cost.

  2. Avoiding Risks
    Snow shoveling is a difficult job and it has its risks, such as strain and injury to your back, slipping and falling and even heart attack. Hiring someone else physically suited for this tiring task means avoiding these risks yourself.

    Having someone shovel your snow also means avoiding risks associated with using other methods, like rock salt and deicers. Rock salt comes with a variety of problems, including damage to concrete surfaces, risks to pets, and harm to landscaping. Other deicers don’t come with as many risks but still may be damaging to surfaces and plants.

  3. Supporting a Good Cause
    This may not apply in all circumstances, but in many cases hiring someone to shovel snow may mean contributing to a college fund or even supplementing someone’s income who needs it. In this case, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Cons of Hiring Someone to Remove Snow

  1. Cost
    Simply put, paying someone to shovel snow means you’re doing just that — paying. Depending on the size of your property and the area around your home requiring snow-clearing, as well as the volume of snow that occurs in your area, shoveling away the snow could potentially be a big, recurring job requiring a lot of hours put in. That means that whenever the weather decides to deliver more snow, you’ll be shelling out more money and that can be a definite drawback.

  2. Liability
    When someone is on your property they’re technically your “guest”, and therefore that puts you at risk should something happen while they’re there. Property around your home in the winter comes with a variety of liability risks including icy walkways, icicles and possibly cracked and broken pavement that could be the source of a slip and fall accident. Unless you’re using a professional company that provides their own coverage for such mishaps, having someone on your property to clear snow means that you’re potentially at risk for costly medical bills and legal issues.

  3. Risk of Damage
    Lastly, shoveling snow can damage your property in some surprising ways. Some of these include chipping underlying concrete with a metal shovel blade, damaging landscaping, and possibly damaging irrigation and wiring around your property. Having someone else take care of this task increases this risk as they may not be aware of what’s underneath the snow they’re pitching their shovel into and may not be as careful in their efforts as you would be.

    When you weigh the cost of paying someone, combined with the potential cost of repairs to your property and liability risks, what initially seems like an effortless way to go begins to look more like a cost that doesn’t outweigh the benefits.

If your goal with a snow removal strategy is to “not have to deal with it”, as is the case for many people and one of the main benefits of hiring someone to shovel snow, then your most efficient and effective option is the use of heated snow melting mats.

Incredibly easy to install and operate, these durable mats are designed to be left out all winter. Options like a snow sensing controller that turns the mats on when moisture is detected and temperatures drop below 38 degrees Fahrenheit make it possible to completely automate managing snow removal. It’s also an option to turn the mats on from indoors with the click of a button with a Wireless Remote Control Outlet & Switch.

Heated mats provide added safety to your stairs, driveway, walkways, and entryways with a layer of tread that helps cut down on the risk of slips and falls, and their energy efficient design means they cost about $1 per day to operate. These mats are safe for people and pets, and the technology, design and material quality behind them ensure that highest electrical safety standards are upheld.

An initial investment could potentially save you thousands while also providing you with the effortless snow removal strategy you’ve been seeking. The peace of mind, safety, and comfort during the winter season are well worth it.


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