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What To Consider When Purchasing Snow Removal Mats for The Best Price

What To Consider When Purchasing Snow Removal Mats for The Best Price

What To Consider When Purchasing Snow Removal Mats for The Best Price

If you’ve researched heated snow removal mats, you’ve probably discovered that many mats come in residential and commercial varieties. While you might be tempted to order commercial quality mats for you small-business or residences, thinking they will melt snow faster, HeatTrak has done the research for you in order to bring the highest quality residential heated floor mats for the lowest cost.

Here are the top three things you need to know when considering purchasing a residential mat:


You want to ensure that a heated snow removal mat melts snow at a rate that’s fast enough to combat accumulation and ice formation. Not all heated snow removal mats are created equal- NOAA defines ‘heavy snow’ as any flakes falling at 1 inch (2.54 cm) per hour, so you’ll want to make sure any heated floor mat you purchase can handle that kind of coverage. HeatTrak accounts for double that accumulation to keep you safe in bad storms!

The best way to use the HeatTrak snow removal mats is to turn them on before the snow begins to fall. This way, no snow will accumulate on the mats, since the snowflakes will evaporate as soon as they fall. If you turn the mats on after the snow has already fallen they will melt snow at a rate of 2 inches (5 cm) per hour.


Our residential mats take the best of our commercial engineering and combine them with an affordable product made from and designed to make them perfect for householders and small-business owners. Our residential mats are constructed from a special and durable thermoplastic material designed to retain heat safely while handling the wear and tear of winter storms and foot traffic.

Not to mention, you can leave them outside for the entire winter season - elements and foot traffic will not harm them in any way. HeatTrak takes into account the average household budget for snow removal each year and worked to create the highest-quality product at an accessible price.


You’ll want a warranty on any snow removal heat mat that you buy. After all, there can be occasional technical problems with electricity. At HeatTrak, we guarantee all of our mats with a 2-year manufacture warranty regardless of whether you purchase residential or commercial.

To help you understand and purchase our products, you can view mats and specs through our online store.

We pride ourselves on our customer support team to help you with any questions you have in deciding which HeatTrak mat is best for your purpose and sticking with you from the first season and beyond!

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