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3 Reasons Outdoor Heated Floor Mats are Worth the Investment

3 Reasons Outdoor Heated Floor Mats are Worth the Investment

3 Reasons Outdoor Heated Floor Mats are Worth the Investment

With so many snow removal methods on the market, it can be overwhelming to understand which is the best method for you. While deicing solutions can be tempting to use in the winter due to their effectiveness they are time consuming, environmentally hazardous and break down the materials of your driveway and walkways. Although they can be great short-term solutions, in the long run they rack up serious damages and costs! Here’s the top three reasons that outdoor heated floor mats are worth the investment for next year!

1) PREVENT DAMAGES: HeatTrak mats are perfect to keep your driveways snow and ice-free. Not only do they prevent dangerous slip-and-falls getting in and out of your car, but they save yourself the hassle of shoveling your drive each day to leave the house.

For cement or concrete driveways where heat is easily retained, HeatTrak mats are especially effective - you’ll get snow melting coverage well beyond the size of the mat.

2) INCREASE SAFETY: According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over one million Americans suffer a slip, trip, and fall injury, and 17, 000 of these people die annually because of the injuries sustained.

Throwing down salt and chemicals or plowing existing snow and ice means that it’s ALREADY a hazard. Snow melting mats can be turned on while snow is falling and melt snow before it has a chance to accumulate in heavy drifts or turn to ice. 

If safety is a number one priority for your snow removal needs and you are dedicated to keeping your property clear of slippery ice during winter before it even accumulates (especially important with children and elderly!) then heated floor melting mats are certainly worth the investment!

3) SAVE LONG TERM RESOURCES: The cost to operate a heated snow removal mat depends on the size of the mat and the manufacturer. However, on average, each HeatTrak mat costs approximately $0.15 (approximately $0.20 CAD) an hour to operate. Assuming the mat is on for 4-6 hours per snow day, the approximate cost per snow day to operate is LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR (between $0.60 and $0.90 or approximately $0.80 and $1.20 CAD).

If you do the math of how much your expenses are maintaining expensive equipment like snow plows, or buying deicers, you will likely find that it comes out to much more than $1.00 (approximately $1.34 CAD) a day!

Not to mention all the time you spend shoveling, plowing, snow blowing, laying down salt and chemicals.

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