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How to Store Heated Floor Mats in Summer?

How to Store Heated Floor Mats in Summer?

How to Store Heated Floor Mats in Summer?While you might find yourself wishing for a big snow plow during a heavy winter storm, when it comes time to store your equipment for the off-season, you might be glad you don’t have to deal with the storage of heavy machinery.

One of the advantages to using heated floor mats is that they are easy to store in the off season. Here, we discuss how to store your heated snow removal mats throughout spring and summer for optimal usage when the weather gets cold again!

Unlike large, bulky plows and snowblowers, heated mats are easy to store during the off-season. In any residential home where space is limited, having heated mats that roll and stack easily means more room in your garage or storage shed. During the spring and summer off season, heated mat storage is always easy and efficient. All HeatTrak mats can either be rolled up or laid flat to store in order to fit your space best.

Before you store your mats for the off season, you’ll want to make sure that they are in top condition. After all, you want them to be ready to go when you need them next winter.

Prior to storing your mats, make sure to inspect all electrical cords, plugs, external thermostats, and remote control devices to ensure all are in working order and not damaged. If replacements are required, order accordingly. (HeatTrak offers a two-year warranty on all mats.)

The average lifespan of HeatTrak mats when properly taken care of is up to five years!

How to Clean your Walkway Mats?

After you have inspected your mats, they should be cleaned with a mild dish detergent and scrub brush to remove dirt, salt, or any other debris. You can easily hose the mats down and allow to air dry.

Make sure any connector fittings are secured with caps or electrical tape to prevent water or moisture. You should also treat the cords with care when you store them and make sure you place your mats in a location where the cords and plugs cannot be cut or damaged.

Finally, while the heated floor mats can be rolled or stacked, if you are rolling your mats for storage, remember that the grit surface should always be on the outside and the smooth rubber on the inside. This will prevent the ends of the mat from curling up so that they will be flat for next winter!

When it’s time for snow, you’ll be ready to plug and go!

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