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Top 10 Reasons to Use Heated Floor Mats This Winter

Top 10 Reasons to Use Heated Floor Mats This Winter

The snow removal benefits are obvious, but that’s not the only reason to upgrade your snow removal method to heated floor mats this winter. Here are our top 10 reasons to use heated mats all winter long:

  1. HELP PREVENT ICE: Not only will your heated floor mats melt existing snow at a consistent rate, but you will avoid future snow and ice accumulation. Preventative measures are key during freezing rain or chilly nights after warm, rainy days. Not only is ice a safety hazard, but cycles of freezing and thawing damage stairs, driveways and sidewalk surfaces.
  2. DECREASE SLIP AND FALLS: You want a driveway, not a skating rink. Heated mats leading along your driveway or sidewalks keep your outdoor areas slip and fall free. For those concerned about small children or elderly, you can rest assured that surfaces that are not only snow and ice-free but have additional rubber tread will keep you and your loved ones safe!
  3. BE ENVIRONMENTAL: Using heated floor mats reduces the need for using salt or other snow-removal chemicals on the driveway. These hazardous chemicals can damage the surfaces of your existing structures, seep into the ground or water and wreck havoc on landscaping. They can be especially dangerous if handled or ingested by small children and pets.
  4. EFFICIENT: Reap the benefits of saved time and money when you aren’t spending mornings shoveling snow, spreading salt or throwing down deicers. Heated snow melting mats are effective and efficient methods for snow removal for those who want fast snow melting and with no manpower needed.
  5. SAVE YOUR SHOULDERS (AND YOUR HEART!): Shoveling heavy snow and scraping ice sends over 11,000 American’s to the hospital each year. Performing strenuous activity each day in the cold takes a toll on your joints and your heart. Doctors advise those who struggle with heart disease to avoid all shoveling and strenuous snow removal activity.
  6. CUT DOWN ON COSTS: On average, heated floor mats cost around $1 (approximately $1.34 CAD) per day to run. When compared with the overhead of internal heated driveways, which can cost thousands of dollars to install and hundreds every winter, external mats are much more affordable.
  7. INCREASE STORAGE SPACE: Using heated snow removal mats that roll and stack easily means more room in your garage or storage shed. If you don’t choose to leave your mats out all year long (which you can!) then storing your mats during the off season is always easy and efficient.
  8. NO STRESS: Heated mats can stay plugged in or be installed with automated timers which makes them hassle and stress-free. Snow might be falling all night long but the peace of mind achieved with dry walkways, stairs and safe access to your driveway is priceless.
  9. PROVIDE EXTRA TREAD: Even a surface where the snow has melted is still wet and potentially slick. Depending on the material, wet surfaces can be ripe for slip and falls. Heated mats provide tread you can safely walk on long after the snow and ice has melted.
  10. ACCESSIBLE: Rest assured you’ll never get snowed in with heated snow removal mats. Other than hiring a third party snow removal company, they are the only snow removal method that can be automated. Even shovels have their limits if you can’t get out of your house to access them! Heated floor mats offer unprecedented accessibility around your property during and after a heavy snowfall. 
  • Abigail Stock
  • Snow Melting Mats

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