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HeatTrak in Life @ Home: Surviving Winter: Back-Saving Snow-Removal Strategies

If only you could afford that snowplow service. You could sit by the window sipping hot chocolate and watching someone else pull back the white blanket covering your driveway.

But instead, your snow boots call. And you’ll need a blanket when you return inside with aching back and tingling fingers after clearing one path for your car and one for the newspaper carrier.

Fortunately, the right tools can lighten the load on this heavy winter work. A few new products in particular can do a lot of the work for you, maximizing that hot-chocolate time.

One of the “hot” new items this year doesn’t even let the snow get comfortable. The HeatTrak is an electric mat that can be rolled out along a walkway and will melt snow and ice as it’s landing, says John Opitz, a sales associate with Home Depot in North Greenbush. Think of it as an electric blanket for your sidewalk — one that can be purchased in lengths of 3 feet up to 20 feet.

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