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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

Prepare Your Facility For Snow and Ice Melt Flooding & Water Damage

Three-quarters of the water supply in the western parts of the United States are derived from the annual snow and ice melt at winter's end. While this is a natural process that is vital to the ecosystem, the flooding it causes can wreak havoc at commercial or industrial facilities. Any...

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Protecting Your Facility from Ice Dams

Every year, ice dams cause significant damage to commercial and residential properties that frequently costs thousands of dollars in repairs. One recent "nightmare scenario," for example befell a Wisconsin-based business. The ice dams were so extensive and the leak-damage so severe that it took $90,000 to get the facility back in good...

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Commercial Snow Removal Precautions You Might Not Have Considered

For facilities that operate in Midwest and northern regions, planning a commercial snow removal plan that can cope with the effects of snowfall is an essential part of doing business. Office buildings, hospitals, universities, and other facilities with heavy foot traffic can be hazardous places during inclement weather. Keeping visitors...

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Breaking Down SIMA's Snow and Ice Glossary

There’s one resource that you’ll notice continually popping up in our blog posts and articles--SIMA, the Snow and Ice Management Association. We’ve shared their Key Performance Indicator checklist for snow removal with you, we’ve recommended them as a resource for training your team for snow removal, and we consistently turn...

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Connecticut School District Increases Safety, Lowers Liability Risk with Snow Melting Mats

Doraville, GA, May 2017 - With winter temperatures in East Hartford, CN, dipping into the teens and typical snowfall accumulation registering 45 inches a year, reducing winter-related slip-and-fall accidents is a serious concern at East Hartford Public Schools, where the average school grade ranges between 500 and 550 students.  To meet the...

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Snow Removal or Snow Melting: Which Option Is Right for Your Facility?

Winter weather presents many challenges as you work to minimize interrupted service and risks to facility users. The best snow control plan (removal or melting) for your facility will depend on facility use, its unique attributes, and various situational factors. Type of facility Your facility's purpose plays a large role...

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