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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

Not all Mats are Created Equal: The Science of Entrance Matting

Every facility manager knows the benefit of an entrance mat, but most don’t understand that all mats are not created equal. Using the wrong kind of mat at a location can still lead to slip and fall accidents, negating the purpose of having an entrance mat to begin with.  With...

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John Allin on Slip and Fall Lawsuits and the Snow & Ice Removal Industry

In this interview, you’ll learn all about John Allin, founder of SIMA, key player in the founding of ASCA, expert witness, and overall big name in the snow and ice removal industry. HeatTrak: Share with us briefly how long you’ve been in the snow and ice industry? How did you...

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Reducing Slip and Fall Injuries: Cost-Benefit Realities

Facility managers have many responsibilities keeping their buildings safe for visitors, customers, and employees. These tasks range from monitoring elevator safety to fire alarm maintenance, to watching for problems caused by faulty plumbing and electrical wiring. The common denominator of all these tasks is that they involve concerns inside the...

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How Much Will a Slip and Fall Injury Cost You?

Facility managers are often charged with making critical decisions regarding liability protection that will affect their facilities’ bottom line. While preventative measures to guard against lawsuits can seem to take a huge bite out of profits, it is nevertheless essential for those in charge of safety and maintenance to understand...

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5 Ways to Protect your Facility from Slip and Fall Injuries This Winter

Each winter brings a host of challenges for facility managers. Employee sickness can disrupt your workflow, while freezing pipes and roof collapse can cause severe property damage. Power outages can harm your equipment, and closed roads can impede access for workers, customers, and visitors. But one of the most costly...

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How to Get Rid of Black Ice Before It Causes Injury

Prevention is always preferred when it comes to dealing with winter ice. Nevertheless, there may be times when, despite your facility management team’s best efforts, you will be faced with the hazard of black ice. Below are some options for removing it, but first, a refresher: What is black ice?...

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