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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

Commercial Snow Removal Precautions You Might Not Have Considered

For facilities that operate in Midwest and northern regions, planning a commercial snow removal plan that can cope with the effects of snowfall is an essential part of doing business. Office buildings, hospitals, universities, and other facilities with heavy foot traffic can be hazardous places during inclement weather. Keeping visitors...

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The Facility Manager’s Back to School Checklist

After summer break ends and students return to campus for the fall semester, facility managers have only a limited amount of time to care for the grounds and the buildings. They must be ready for routine, emergency, and preventative maintenance tasks both inside and out. Inside, disease-spreading can be minimized by use...

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How Does Your Snow Removal Plan Stand Up to Key Performance Criteria?

Facility managers of industrial and commercial properties are tasked with the responsibility of keeping a facility accessible, clean, and safe at all times. During the winter months, these tasks become more challenging as snow, ice, and slush must be repeatedly removed from the facility's premises. Key Performance Criteria Successfully combating...

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Winter Weather Safety Checklist for Commercial Building Contractors

Winter is a dangerous time for construction workers, with rooftop snow drifts, black ice on walkways, gusting winds, and sub-zero temperatures among the many hazards. Facility managers know this, and they would prefer to reserve all building projects for the summer months. However, this is not always possible, since even...

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Preparing Your Facility’s Turf/Grounds for Cold Weather Conditions

Wintertime challenges are so significant for facilities and commercial properties, that managers of such properties often must begin to prepare their turf and grounds for winter while autumn is still in full swing. Even while mowers, edgers, and pruning hooks are busy maintaining the lawn, grounds managers are already getting...

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How to Prepare Your Facility’s Roofs for Winter's Worst

One of the biggest tasks that facility managers face is winterizing the roofs under their care for the inevitable impacts of snow, slush, and ice. While winter is the season where these roofs are tested, the preparations begin, at latest, in the autumn. Two major tools that facility managers use...

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The Unique Challenges of Industrial and Commercial Snow Removal

Winter weather has its effects on every type of property, but there are unique challenges that are faced only by managers of commercial and industrial facilities. These differences between residential and commercial snow removal have impacts on finances, scheduling, safety measures, liability concerns, and more. Some of the most notable...

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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Commercial Snow Removal

One of the major decisions that facility managers must make every winter is whether to do all commercial snow removal tasks in-house or to outsource the job to a third-party provider. Given the crucial nature of efficient snow removal, without which facility buildings would remain inaccessible for far too long,...

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What Every Property Management Company Needs to Know for Winter

Property management companies must always be looking for ways to keep their premises safe for residents, both to prevent accidents and the lawsuits that so often follow them. They also must find the most cost-effective ways to manage property maintenance and repairs. Preventative maintenance and winterization of their properties will incur some...

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The Other Winter Concerns: What to Prepare for Besides Snow and Ice

Dealing with snow and ice removal may be the number one challenge that facility managers face every season, but there are other dangers and concerns that winter brings. Low temperatures, cold rains, and high winds are the main sources of trouble outside of snowfall and ice formation. Below, we look...

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