Thermostat & Snow Sensor Controller (DS-2C)

$ 350.00

HeatTrak Thermostat & Snow Sensor Controller


Thermostat & Snow Sensor Controller (DS-2C)

$ 350.00

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The DS-2C is a snow sensing controller that will turn the mat on whenever it senses moisture AND the temperature is below 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This controller must be hardwired into the circuit by a certified electrician. Each DS-2C can handle up to 30 amps on a 240V outlet or up to 15 amps on a 120V outlet. 

Don't Worry About Visitors Slipping and Falling

"Wonderful to not worry about people slipping and falling on our front stoop. HeatTrak does the trick."

A Snow Free Path for Your Furry Friend

The HeatTrak Mat makes maneuvering out of the doggy door at this Massachusetts business a little easier with the Northeast snow in the winter.

Keeping an Elderly Tenant Safe from Snow and Ice

Knowing I have an elderly tenant who is unable to shovel snow I was very worried about her falling on the slick surface, as well, my liability. After seeing this, I was sold that I had made the right decision." - John C.

No Problem Going Outside!

"It used to be that a heavy snow made it impossible to even open the back door. And before I got these snow-melting mats, I'd have to shovel a path on the deck and the outdoor stairs just so that my dog could go outside. When it snowed overnight, I had to do this even before my morning coffee." - Ailda

Glen Leisurely Strolls to His Hot Tub After a Storm

"HeatTrak keeps the two landings and 3 stairs to my hot tub snow and ice free all winter long! On a crisp winter morning, nothing is more enjoyable than leisurely making my way on the warm HeatTrak path to my hot tub."