Industrial Testimonials

  • Wendy Binge, Sr. Facilities Engineer, Alcoa Inc.

    "The heated mats and stair treads did a great job keeping ice and snow off the main entranceway. We were also pleasantly surprised to see how well the mats stood up to the hundreds of Alcoa employees who walked over them every morning."

  • Donny Adams, Facilities Manager, Wake Forest University

    "We were extremely happy with the HeatTrak mats. They did an excellent job keeping the entrances ice free for our students and faculty."

  • Debbie Goembel, Executive Director, Herington Housing Authority

    "We purchased these mats for our multi-family housing in the winter of 2009. We are SO PLEASED with the performance of these mats. They kept our residents' porches free of snow and ice all winter. These mats are a godsend to any property that is concerned with the safety of its residents. We can't thank you enough for providing such a fantastic product!! OH!! I should also mention that because we have these mats installed on our residents' porches, we save quite a bit of money on our insurance premiums! Thanks again!"

  • Walter Neilson, Maintenance Team Leader, Mercy Hospital

    "We have had HeatTrak products here at Mercy Hospital for the past winter season and they worked very well at keeping our ramps and stairs clear of ice and snow. We are ordering our third set for another office this year. The mats and stair treads work great providing a safe entrance free of ice and snow for our patients."

  • David Shemanske, Facilities Engineering, Fermi Nat. Accelerator

    "Heattrak mats are "phenomenal product", saves shoveling, no chemical products like salt/chloride needed, provides safe walkway 24hrs a day during the snow event, reduces tracking of materials into lobbies and entry points."

Residential Testimonials

  • Diane Romans

    "Great product, in the past we would shovel the steps of our Bed and Breakfast's front porch as often as six times a day. Now we do not worry about a guest slipping on the walkway or steps and ruining their skiing vacation."

  • Dennis, Brockton, MA

    "The heattrak stair treads have worked wonderfully for me here in Massachusetts. I used the four treads on the back porch (over granite treads) and didn't have to anchor them. The construction is solid and sturdy and the snow was never a problem during the winter of 2008/2009."

  • Karl Guldner, MD

    "Your doormats are wonderful!"

  • Gwen Dubravec

    "You're awesome! Gift arrived promptly with plenty of time for wrapping :) Thanks so much!"

  • Jay Deinken, California

    "I will certainly recommend your snow melting mats to friends and acquaintances."

  • Kris Fawver, Indiana

    "As soon as the heat trak mat arrived that afternoon I placed it on top of the ice and by the evening it had melted all the ice. We are very pleased with how it keeps all snow and ice away from this area even as far as 5-6 inches in perimeter around each mat. It appears that the mat actually heats the concrete around it. I'm ordering another set for our front door."

  • Craig, Michigan

    "We love our (3) heated stair mats. They are working great during this cold Michigan winter."

  • Arthurs Management Co. Inc., Michigan

    "I use the Heattrak HRT11-60 (11" x 60") on the roof of my home in Michigan. I have a cove area that doesn't receive any sun and the snow accumulates and causes melting problems. I positioned the 11x60 heattrak in the area and the problem was solved."

  • Lexy, Alpine, NJ

    "This is the best purchase I have made on a new product in ages! It performs better than I could believe! The safety advantage is outstanding. We get a lot of snow and this product kept up with Mother Nature wonderfully. I would give it 5 stars out of 5!"

  • Gwen, Batavia, IL

    "Purchased two about a month ago for my uncovered porch and deck. First tested by putting on deck with several inches of snow; the area was DRY in the morning! Have kept mat on front porch and it has handled more than the 2 inches of snow per hour stated! And we have had plenty--16 inches in one week!"

  • Fred, Colorado

    "I live in the Central Rockies and we've gotten 2-3' snowfalls at a time and this mat has kept the entryway clear and dry, including some subzero nights. Really worth the price. It has prevented the usual accumulation of ice and snow in this area that can prevent opening the door, and it reduces the amount of snow that gets tracked indoors."

  • Paul A. White

    "It keeps the area around the mat clear of snow in the winter time even with the heaviest of snows for this area (Northeast Ohio)."

  • Scott, Hammond, IN

    "I should have purchased this heated door mat years ago and saved myself some headaches ... and potential falls."

  • David Keith Abrams

    "I purchased one of these for my sister who lives in ID, she loves it and said she wished she had another one, so I gave her another one; she keeps one outside the door on her back porch and is constantly going out to get wood for the fire, she no longer has snow that must be mopped up on her wood floors from going to get wood."

  • W. Frey, York, PA

    "Works as advertised. It even dries the concrete porch for several inches around the mat."

  • John A. Root

    "Product has helped keep the ice off my front stoop. I was surprised by the area it actually kept clear. It is about 25% bigger than the mat."

  • Maggie, New York

    "We just love our mats! The New York winter has been bad so far, our front steps do not face the sun. Now, we can go up and down them without fear of falling."