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Slipping and Falling Due to Snow and Ice: Why Thousands Are Paying the Price Each Winter

A warning sign with the writing 'Attention Slippery!' is in the foreground and an icy walkway surrounded by snow is in the background

Every winter, thousands of people face the danger of slipping and falling due to snow and ice on pathways, stairs, and driveways. These slips can cause minor bruises, severe fractures, or even fatal accidents. The CDC’s WISQARS (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System) offers some startling data on the prevalence and severity of fall-related injuries. By understanding these statistics and making simple changes, we can greatly reduce the risks associated with snowy and icy conditions.

The Surprising Statistics from WISQARS

  • Fall Injuries are More Common than You Think: Each year, millions of people visit emergency departments because of fall-related injuries. A significant number of these are attributed to icy conditions during winter.

  • Severe Consequences: Not every fall is a minor inconvenience. Thousands of people face serious injuries like hip fractures or traumatic brain injuries because of falls on ice and snow.

  • Fatalities are a Real Concern: While most people survive falls, a considerable number do not. The CDC data reveals that thousands succumb to their injuries after a fall each year.

The Solution: Snow Melting Mats by HeatTrak

With such concerning statistics, it's crucial to seek effective solutions to minimize the risks of slips and falls. One of the most effective ways to address this problem is by using HeatTrak's snow melting mats.

Why are HeatTrak's snow melting mats the best solution?

  • Automatic Snow and Ice Removal: These mats are designed to melt snow and ice automatically, ensuring that pathways, stairs, and driveways are clear and safe to walk on.

  • Energy Efficient: HeatTrak’s mats consume less power than traditional snow blowers or other electric snow melting systems. Plus, they only need to be on when it’s snowing, conserving energy.

  • Easy Installation: No professional help is required. Simply roll them out, plug them in, and watch the snow and ice melt away.

  • Durable and Long-lasting: Made with high-quality materials, these mats are built to withstand the harshest winter conditions, ensuring years of reliable service.


Winter’s beauty is undeniable, but it's also crucial to remember the potential dangers that come with it. By staying informed about the risks and taking preventive measures like installing HeatTrak's snow melting mats, we can ensure a safer winter for everyone. Remember, safety starts at your doorstep!

Stay warm and stay safe with HeatTrak.


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