Winter Safety

Great Snow and Ice Removal Hacks to Keep Your Property Safe

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When winter wraps the world in a blanket of snow, it paints a picturesque image. But anyone responsible for keeping pathways, driveways, and steps safe knows it's not just about admiring the beauty. Snow and ice removal becomes a critical task, ensuring that homes and businesses are both accessible and safe. Over the years, a few time-honored snow and ice removal hacks have emerged that make the process more manageable. 

  1. The Pre-Salt Strategy

One of the oldest tricks in the book is pre-salting your pathways before a snowfall. Sprinkle rock salt or calcium chloride over the area expected to receive snow. This preventive step makes snow and ice removal a breeze, as it prevents hard-packed snow or ice layers from forming. 

  1. DIY Snow Melt Solution

Can't get your hands on rock salt? Mix a solution of 1 gallon of warm water, a teaspoon of dish soap, and a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. This homemade concoction can help melt away light snow or prevent ice layers. Just pour it over the area before or after snowfall. 

  1. Opt for a High-Quality Shovel

Not all snow shovels are created equal. Invest in a high-quality, ergonomic snow shovel. Those with a curved handle or an adjustable length can minimize bending and reduce strain on your back. 

  1. The Magic of Beet Juice

An eco-friendly alternative to rock salt is beet juice. Many municipalities are turning to this resource as a de-icing method. Beet juice lowers the freezing point of water, preventing ice from forming. It’s less corrosive than traditional salt and better for the environment. 

  1. Create Traction with Non-Clumping Kitty Litter

If you're more concerned about icy patches making your pathway slippery, consider sprinkling non-clumping kitty litter. It doesn’t melt the ice but offers traction, ensuring safer footfalls. 

  1. Optimize Your Shoveling Technique

Before you start, it's vital to assess whether you should be shoveling snow at all. Warning: If you are recovering from an injury, have heart complications, or are older and more vulnerable to injury, it's best to avoid this strenuous activity. Consider seeking help or alternative methods of snow removal. For those who can safely shovel, ensure you lift with your legs, not your back. Push the snow to one side rather than lifting when possible. Shoveling several times, even during a storm, can be more effective than waiting until the snow accumulates. And before you begin, spray your shovel's blade with cooking spray to prevent snow from sticking, making your task smoother. 

  1. Efficient Snow and Ice Melting Mats

For high-traffic areas, where safety is a top priority, consider a more modern solution. Snow and ice melting mats, such as those by HeatTrak, offer an efficient way to maintain clear pathways. These mats are designed to melt snow and ice automatically, ensuring your property remains safe without any manual labor. 

  1. Use Cooking Spray on Your Shovel

Before you start shoveling, spray your shovel's blade with a cooking spray. It will prevent the snow from sticking to it, making your task much smoother. 

  1. Protect Your Plants

If you have plants lining your driveway or pathway, cover them with burlap or a protective cloth. This will ensure they aren't affected by any salt or de-icing solutions you use. 

  1. Stay Ahead with Weather Alerts

Lastly, always stay ahead of the game. Sign up for weather alerts and plan your snow and ice removal around the forecast. Preparing in advance can save you a lot of time and energy. 

In conclusion, snow and ice removal need not be a daunting task. With a combination of traditional hacks and modern solutions, you can ensure your property is safe and accessible throughout the winter months. The key is to be proactive and use the right tools and techniques. Remember, while the winter wonderland outside can be beautiful, safety should always be the priority. Happy winter prepping!  

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