Celebrate a Snow Day With a Dinner Party

Celebrate a Snow Day With a Dinner Party

A snow day is an opportunity to have a quiet day by yourself, or to enjoy a magical gathering of friends. When you’ve got HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats on your walkways and driveway, you can focus on making the most of your snow day, instead of shoveling or spreading salt. Enjoy your snow day!


A quiet, snowy morning is made for sleeping in. When you’re ready to rise, take some time with a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa to dream up your next vacation. Maybe you even want to find an online class to get moving or try something new. Or you could plan a snow day brunch or dinner party.


Your driveway is a perfect outdoor dining space - all it needs is a little decoration! Grab a table and some chairs (they don’t even need to match), and begin to set the scene. Cover the table with a cloth and create a quick centerpiece with candles, branches and pinecones, and other wintry decorations that speak to you. You may want to put up some string lights if you expect to dine after dark; tea lights in mason jars help create a warm ambiance. It can be fun to create snow candle holders around the edge of your driveway, too.


You want your guests to be warm, so consider gathering blankets to offer. Their toes won’t be freezing on your HeatTrak Mats, but the wintry air can still bite. Hot drinks and food - and good company - will help keep everyone toasty.


Your drinks could range from cocktails made with new-fallen snow, or simply “refrigerated” by storing them in the snow. Warm drinks, from cocoa to hot toddies to coffee to hot cider, can be served in rustic camping gear like thermoses, enamelware, or tin mugs. Depending on your guests, you may want to have a bar with garnishes and options for spiking their drinks.


But what to serve? You could make it a team effort with a soup or stew potluck, or have the interactive experience of cheese or chocolate fondue, or even barbecue. Heat up that grill - it’s not just for summertime cookouts! Kebabs are easy and guests can customize them. Grilled pizza is fun and simple to share. Cook in small batches and serve immediately, like a four-course dinner.


For dessert, s’mores are always a winner. Or consider a cast-iron cobbler on the grill (or in a fire pit, if you have one). You could also clear your table for board games, cards, or just sitting with friends for conversation. After the sun sets, you might be inspired to dance to your glowing candlelight or lanterns.


While you’re prepping and sharing the good times - whether it’s just you and your closest companion or your whole social circle - don’t forget to document your snow day dinner party that your HeatTrak Mats provide you with time to prep for! Be sure to capture a photo and video of your mats in action as well for our photo contest. You can win $500 for sharing your best photo/video featuring your HeatTrak Heated Snow & Ice Melting Mats.


We can’t wait to see what fun you’re cooking up!

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