Snow and Ice Removal

Nancy Puts Her Client's Winter Safety First

HeatTrak Pro walkway mats outside a small business.

Nancy Puts Her Client's Winter Safety First

Company Name: Nancy Carlisle Interior Plantings

Location: Concord, NH

Average Annual Snowfall: 61 inches

Fun Snow Stat: On February 21st, 2015, Concord hit a record low temperature of -17 degrees.

"Here is a picture of my 2 HeatTrak Mats working wonders in the snowstorm this week. I have had them for most of 3 winters and they are great. My front walk and sloping sidewalk are always clear of snow and ice. Melting snow from the roof had been an ongoing problem until I put the two mats in place. Now, I am not concerned about those entering the building.

Great product! I highly recommend the HeatTrak mats."

Nancy Carlisle 

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