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7 Ways Snow Melting Mats Can Help Facility Managers

7 Ways Snow Melting Mats Can Help Facility Managers

7 Ways Snow Melting Mats Can Help Facility Managers

1. Protect your company from slip and fall lawsuits

Heated snow melting mats could help you eliminate or significantly reduce liabilities associated with slip and fall accidents. These portable mats are designed to lie on top of existing surfaces. They keep surfaces constantly clear and safe as the system works around the clock, melting snow and ice. Their safety features are enhanced by a continuous groove pattern in the mats, which provides extra traction for additional safety. These outdoor heated mats work better than any heavy duty snow removal equipment.

 2. Tighten your budget by slashing expenses

The heated outdoor mat option is definitely cheaper than purchasing traditional snow removal equipment, hiring snow removal companies, or relying on some other snow removal plan of action. This snow removal method requires no expensive installations and is also energy efficient. You can achieve heated sidewalks by simply plugging each electricity operated mat into any standard 120V or 240V outlet, using its own ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

3. Achieve effortless maintenance

These outdoor heating mats make maintaining your surroundings less burdensome. It’s like having your own in-house snow removal service that rivals even the best snow removal plan of action. The mats remove the need for sprinkling walk ways with salt or sand. This means less cleaning of messy floors as no extra substances are tracked inside, and no rigorous shoveling at the entrances.

4. Preserve your natural landscape

Not long ago, facility managers and those concerned with commercial snow removal methods could hardly imagine getting rid of snow and ice without damaging their natural landscape. With outdoor heated mats, protecting your natural landscape during a snow storm is now possible. You no longer need snow plows or other snow removal equipment which are hard on your landscape.

5. Afford you peace of mind

Investing in snow melting mats brings peace of mind. You can sleep at nights without worrying about the accuracy of weather reports. And, there’ll be no need to frantically resort to a YouTube-snow removal by compact tractor option, should an unexpected storm occur. Your heated outdoor mats will be working 24-seven to ensure business as usual.

6. Keep your doors open when others are shut

Snow melting mats will defy snow storms, allowing you to keep your doors opened when other facilities around are snowed in. Harsh weather conditions and heavy pedestrian traffic are not major concerns for these durable mats.

7. Make you look like a genius

How would you like to look like a genius in your company? When you treat your company to the revolutionary benefits offered by snow melting mats, you’re bound to look like the genius among your staff.

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