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Meet Suzie: A Native Californian Now Dealing with 55+ Inches of Snow

Meet Suzie: A Native Californian Now Dealing with 55+ Inches of Snow

Meet Suzie: A Native Californian Now Dealing with 55+ Inches of SnowA husband deployed for a year, a reluctant teenager and an at home daycare business makes the winter time extra challenging when it comes to ice building up, shoveling and snow removal. Meet Suzie and see how she handled the 57+ inches (1.3 m) of snow Denver got this year:

HeatTrak: We'd like to get to know you! Where do you live?

Suzie: I live in the southwest suburbs of Denver. It snows a little more than the metro area and can be unpredictable. There is a saying every weatherman knows: if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes. It changes that fast. Therefore, I need to be prepared for winter weather at all times.

HT: Can you share three fun facts about yourself?


  1. I am a native Californian. Moved to Colorado 11 years ago. Sun and fun are always my blood but living in Colorado brings me 4 seasons and so much to explore.
  2. I love gardening.
  3. I can turn trash to treasure. I can see an old piece of junk and turn it into a piece of art.

HT: Can you tell us about your work? Running an at-home daycare must be challenging but rewarding.

Suzie: I started my home daycare 8 years ago. I was working in the corporate world and was at a point in my life where I could make a career change. Home daycare was something I could do in order to be a stay home mom/wife. I would not change it for the world.

HT: What liability concerns does the winter bring for you?

Suzie: I was a Assistant Account Manager for a world wide commercial insurance brokerage. When it comes to a slip and fall, as a homeowner, I would be responsible for injury on my property. My front deck is an accident waiting to happen with ice accumulation. It was essential I get something to prevent injury. Salt works but it eats the wood and is a big mess. My HeatTrak mats are my added insurance.

HT: How frequently does it snow in the winter? How many feet of snow did you get last winter?

Suzie: Denver averages 55 inches (1.3 m) of snow. This year we had 57.1 (1.4 m).

HT: What was your biggest winter challenge before you got HeatTrak mats?

Suzie: In December, we seem to get some weeks of extreme cold. The ice build up on my walkway was more like an ice arena.

HT: How much do you LOVE not having to shovel?

Suzie: My husband deployed for a year last winter. I then decided I am going to find a way to keep my deck clear. I love to remove the snow with my gas powered Cadillac of a snow plow. I get my exercise that way. However, with a bad shoulder, I am not about to shovel. Getting my teen daughter to do it is like pulling teeth.

HT: What are your top snow day tips for snowy days?

Suzie: Make it easy on yourself. When it snows, you have to warm the car, clear the windows and get everything ready for work. Make it easy on yourself by not having to shovel snow. The mats warm up and there is NO shoveling needed EVER.

Curious to learn more about Suzie? She shot a quick video on her phone of her snow melting mats after a freak spring snow storm in Denver that dropped 16 inches (40.6 cm) of snow! View it and more here:

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