Heated Snow & Ice Melting Mats vs. The Snow Blower

Heated Snow & Ice Melting Mats vs. The Snow Blower

How HeatTrak Snow and Ice Melting Mats tackle your snow removal needs better than a common workhorse: the Snow Blower

       No matter whether you call it a snow blower or a snow thrower, this type of snow removal equipment is meant to do just that, and ultimately reduce the amount of work it takes to clear your home or business with less time and less effort than shoveling.  Despite accomplishing that goal, snow blowers do have a downside that manufacturers can't simply blow away with the snow.  

       Things like running out of gas, needing oil and tune-ups anytime during the season, and broken augers, belts and other parts.  Snow throwers need to be stored properly in the off-season and on, or else you risk it becoming the home of mice and other critters.  They can also scratch or damage some types of decorative concrete and paver surfaces.  And, some users have a difficult time maneuvering a snow blower around their driveway or walkway, either due to tight quarters or just simply not being able to muscle it around, and snowblowers cause serious injuries every year (one source even suggested 5000 people are injured/year!)   It does take time to use a snow blower as you still have to walk behind it or manually push it across the snow-coated areas of your home or business in order to remove the snow - and may have to do so multiple times during one storm, let alone for every storm you get that winter.

       There is another snow removal solution that you might not have considered or might not be aware of - HeatTrak's Snow and Ice Melting Mats.  These mats are designed to melt ice and snow on walkways, driveways, doorways and entrances, stairs, mobility/accessibility ramps, and more, and HeatTrak works great for home or for businesses and commercial properties.  They truly take away the need for repeated steps with every snowstorm - simply place them outside at the beginning of your winter season, connecting multiple mats if applicable, and plug them in.  These electrically heated snow melting mats plug into any standard 120V, 208V or 240V electrical outlet, melting snow and ice on contact.  They are meant to stay outdoors all winter and be ready for use at any time, and when the flurries are flying, HeatTrak mats prevent new snow from accumulating by melting it on contact at a rate of two inches per hour!   

        Many homeowners, business owners, and property managers use HeatTrak’s snow removal system because of the many great features to help ensure safety of those visiting your home or business, besides your family and friends, employees and staff, students, teachers and faculty, as well as, delivery people in a multitude of locations.  With the mats in place, you can also reduce the amount of snow and rock salt or chemical de-icers being tracked indoors, which saves interior floors, as well. 

        Join the over 50,000 properties in the US who utilize HeatTrak heated snow and ice melting mats every winter, and store your snow blower or snow thrower for helping the neighbors in the next storm; unless you can talk them, too, into the best winter investment they can make.

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