Heat It Up: Save Your Driveways with Heat This Winter

Heat It Up: Save Your Driveways with Heat This Winter

Heat It Up: Save Your Driveways with Heat This Winter

If you know the pain of having to replace a concrete driveway after just a few years of use, then you are probably ready to hear about a clear solution for your driveway woes. Considering a new concrete driveway can cost you in the neighborhood of $5,000 (approximately $6,688 CAD), a convenient and cost-efficient solution would probably sound pretty good right about now.

Since the winter freeze and thaw cycles that occur each year are what do the most damage to a standard cement driveway, preventing this buildup in the first place would significantly increase the longevity of your driveway. And that’s where heated driveway mats enter the picture. A modern day solution to a timeless problem, driveway heating mats solve the problem before it becomes an issue. Take a look at how these simple driveway mats might just be the answer to your prayers.

Heavy Duty Mats for Residential Use

Commercial heavy duty mats are perfect for driveway snow removal. These electrically-heated mats melt snow on contact, preventing snow and ice buildup before it gets serious. These are designed for commercial use, such as for footpaths around hospitals, convention centers, and office buildings; but don’t let the name fool you – many homeowners are taking advantage of the strength and durability of these extra heavy duty-strength heated mats for a slightly different purpose, their driveways.

Made from flame retardant, customized thermoplastic material, industrial mats are about as durable as the tires you’re driving on this winter. With such resilience, the heated mats can even be driven on directly, making them the perfect solution for your icy driveway this winter. Instead of letting the snow build up and destroy your beautiful cement or asphalt driveway, you can use this new solution to secure your investment for the long run.

More and more homeowners are turning to this driveway heater as a better option than the alternatives. De-icers corrode your concrete from within, shoveling requires tremendous time and energy (not to mention the damage these tools can do to your cement driveway as well), and snow plows often demolish your driveway surface with sharp metal blades and tire chains. A smooth, secure, and safe driveway mat seems like an awfully sensible alternative, doesn't it?

Driveway heating mats are also exceptionally easy to use. The rubber heated mats roll out onto your driveway in seconds and can be plugged into any standard 120V or 240V outlet. Leave them out all winter long, and turn them on only when you need them. You’ll enjoy  watching these machines go to work, melting snow at an alarmingly fast rate of 2” (5 cm) per hour.

From Door to Door

There are also heated residential mats that can be invaluable additions to your winter survival kit. These snow and ice melting devices are laid down on your walkways, stairs, and other footpaths. When switched on, the heated mats will melt any snow or ice that lands upon them, clearing your walking path within minutes and providing a safe way of passage for you and your family.

The importance of this type of snow melting system cannot be stressed enough. If you are an elderly person or have seniors living or visiting your home frequently, a heated mat is an even more essential safety precaution.

Professional Driveway Snow Melt Systems

Of course, if you haven’t installed your cement driveway, then a full-blown heated driveway system is an excellent option. These are either heated coils or water hoses that are installed beneath the bed of cement that is then laid on top. The inground system heats up when they’re activated, melting the snow and preventing ice from ever forming. This is an excellent  option, and although it’s expensive, it’s perfect if you’re putting in a new driveway.

If you are tired of watching the winter wreak havoc on your gravel, asphalt, or concrete driveway, then it’s time you took matters into your own hands. Invest in the economical solution to your snowfall sorrows, and breathe a sigh of relief the next time your neighbors are groaning over the weather forecast.


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