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Two Ways HeatTrak Just Gave You a Better Handle on Winter Weather

HeatTrak introduces two new accessories that make its convenient snow melting mats even easier to use. The company's Wireless Remote Control Switch and Thermostat Cable allow customers to activate electric heated mats without stepping outside.

With summer winding down, HeatTrak introduces two new products that make the not-too distant winter weather a lot less worrisome. The company, which manufactures electric heated mats for melting snow on walkways and stairs, released two new accessories: a wireless remote control switch (Model # HR-Wireless) and thermostat extension cable (Model # HR-THERM3550).

Previously, customers had to step outside to turn on their snow melting mats when a storm was expected. Of course, once they did that, they could go back in the house and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while the mats did all the work. But now, using the mats is even easier and more convenient, with customers able to operate them from inside the comfort of their own home.

The company began developing its two newest items in response to numerous customer requests for a device that would control the mats automatically. "We started getting a lot of calls from our current customers, people who already had the mats", explains HeatTrak founder and CEO, Hillel Glazer. "They loved the product, but wanted a way to control the mats without going out into the cold. We take our customers' feedback very seriously and in this case, we knew they were onto something important. So when it came time to discuss new product development, we were ready to run with it."

The HeatTrak Wireless Remote Control allows customers to easily control their mats from inside the comfort of their home or facility with just the click of a button. Red and green light indicators let them know when the mats are on or off and the two-outlet design allows two mat systems to be plugged in at the same time.

The HeatTrak Thermostat Extension Cable is even simpler to use. One end plugs into any 120V outlet and the other, into the mat's Power Unit. The thermostat will automatically activate the heated mats when the temperature drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit and will turn them off when the temperature rises above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat has an LED indicator that illuminates when the thermostat and mats are turned on.

Both products are rated for outdoor use and are compatible with HeatTrak's industrial and residential product lines. Glazer and his sales teams are projecting strong selling numbers from the accessories this season, since customers were requesting them more than a year before they were even on the market. The wireless remote control and thermostat cable retail for $49.95 and are available on the company's own website,, as well as through other online retailers including Amazon and

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