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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

Not all Mats are Created Equal: The Science of Entrance Matting

Every facility manager knows the benefit of an entrance mat, but most don’t understand that all mats are not created equal. Using the wrong kind of mat at a location can still lead to slip and fall accidents, negating the purpose of having an entrance mat to begin with.  With...

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Connecticut School District Increases Safety, Lowers Liability Risk with Snow Melting Mats

Doraville, GA, May 2017 - With winter temperatures in East Hartford, CN, dipping into the teens and typical snowfall accumulation registering 45 inches a year, reducing winter-related slip-and-fall accidents is a serious concern at East Hartford Public Schools, where the average school grade ranges between 500 and 550 students.  To meet the...

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Keeping Your Employees Safe at Work in Winter Storm Season

As an employer, preparing for winter storms means taking steps well in advance to prevent employees from getting sick or injured while on the job, to prevent property damage, and to avoid or cut costly downtime.But the safety of employees, as well as of customers and any other building occupants,...

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Six Must-Haves Your Employees Need in Their Cars This Winter

Keeping your employees safe ought to be one of your top priorities during extreme weather. Some key dangers to employee health include frostbite, falls, and vehicular accidents. Being appropriately outfitted is part of minimizing these risks. Cold and wet is an especially dangerous combination. Even employees who primarily sit in...

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How Often Should You Rinse/Wash/Replace Your Entrance Mats?

Especially during the winter season, but also throughout the year, facility managers must take care to properly maintain entrance mats and inspect and replace them as needed.Below, we look briefly at how and when to clean both rubber and carpeted entrance mats, and give some advice on when to replace...

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How to Get Rid of Black Ice Before It Causes Injury

Prevention is always preferred when it comes to dealing with winter ice. Nevertheless, there may be times when, despite your facility management team’s best efforts, you will be faced with the hazard of black ice. Below are some options for removing it, but first, a refresher: What is black ice?...

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How to Ready Employees and Customers for Winter-Related Downtime

Physically preparing your facility for winter is a key part of minimizing winter-related downtime and keeping building occupants safe. Communicating with your staff and customers to prepare them for winter’s inevitable disruptions is another key part. Here are four tips for keeping lines of communication open during the winter season: ...

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