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Featured on Facility Executive...

Featured on Facility Executive...

Featured on Facility Executive...

We're thrilled to share that an article written by our CEO, Hillel Glazer, was recently featured on the Faciliy Executive homepage!

Here's a sneak peak of the article:

Commercial Snow Removal, Cover All Bases
By Hillel Glazer

Any facility manager who has handled their fair share of snow can likely calculate the specific costs of their property’s winter needs — for example, how many extra staffers they need to handle snow removal, which buildings need extra roof or pipe inspections, how much salt they need to cover the property per snowfall, how many snow blowers or snow plows they need on site, etc.

But there are several factors that can affect even the most steadfast snow removal plan and budget. These hidden expenses can arise depending on the severity of a given winter, whether or not you outsource any snow removal to contractors, unforeseen liability issues, and a myriad of other reasons.

Read the full article on Facility Executive by clicking here.

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