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Breaking Down SIMA's Snow and Ice Glossary

Breaking Down SIMA's Snow and Ice Glossary

Breaking Down SIMA's Snow and Ice Glossary

There’s one resource that you’ll notice continually popping up in our blog posts and articles--SIMA, the Snow and Ice Management Association.

We’ve shared their Key Performance Indicator checklist for snow removal with you, we’ve recommended them as a resource for training your team for snow removal, and we consistently turn to them to stay up to date on new trends and great information in the snow and ice world.

Recently, they’ve released another such great resources--a Standard Glossary of Terms for snow and ice professionals.

According to Martin B. Tirado, the CEO at SIMA, “ Our hope is that our new Glossary will provide any professional involved with the snow and ice management industry with standardized terms that will pave the way for an easier and smoother contracting process.”

You can download the whole glossary by clicking here. It’s quite extensive--19 pages, 8 sections, and 114 terms--but these words will put you on the same page  as your snow removal contractor, or any other snow and ice professional you may hire this winter.

To give you an idea of what's inside the glossary below are the eight sections of the SIMA glossary, as well as a taste of the terms that make up each:

1) General Industry Terms:

Snow and Ice ManagementService Area; Subcontractor/ Independent Contractor

2) Contractual, Documentation, and Legal Terms

Accumulation Threshold; Level of Service (LOS); Scope of Work (SOW); Trigger Depth

3) Operations and Service Terms

Anti-icing; Deicing; Pre-treating; Cycle Time; Completion Time; 

4) Estimating and Fee Structure Terms

Production Capacity; Production Rate; Efficiency Factor; 

5) Weather Terms

Glaze; Microclimate; Effects of Mechanical Agitation

6) Equipment and Technique Terms

Back Dragging; V-Plow; Windrowing

7) Chemical and Material Terms

Abrasive; Spalling; Hygroscopic

8) Snow and Ice Management Association Terms

Certified Snow Professional (CSP); Advanced Snow Manager (ASM)


If you’re interested in the full glossary and definitions, here’s the link again.

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