Want To Save Time Shoveling?

Want To Save Time Shoveling?

Here's how to clear walkways and stairs in seconds after heavy snowfall!

Shoveling snow is not only a physically demanding activity, but it requires you to venture out into the cold for longer than you are likely to enjoy. Aside from the safety aspect of shoveling your walkways finding the extra time in the day to shovel can be quite a challenge. Moreover,the ice and snow is likely to add to your commute time as you will have to get up even earlier each day to shovel your walkways and stairs. Below are a few quick tips you can turn to, which will reduce the amount of time you spend this winter shoveling ice and snow.

Melt It Away

For a proactive approach for melting away snow, sprinkle an anti-icing chemical on your stairs and walkways before the snow begins to fall. This will discourage the snow and ice from bonding to the ground, making it easier to shovel. Even if your anti-icing product does not eliminate all of the snow and ice, it will drastically reduce the amount of time you spend shoveling.

Hire Your Next Door Neighbor

While it may not fit into your budget to hire a professional snow removal service, there may be a neighborhood kid who is looking to earn some extra cash. Just ask around to see who is game. And don’t forget to offer them a break from the cold when they are outside for too long.

Upgrade Your Equipment

As simple as this may sound, if your shovel and snow removal tools are outdated or broken it may be time for an upgrade. This includes a shovel that is more comfortable to hold, a dispenser for sand or salt, or even an electric snow blower. Your back will be very grateful for these hi-tech tools.

Invest In HeatTrack Outdoor Heated Mats

If the snow removal methods above are still too time consuming, too challenging or if you or someone in your home has mobility concerns, the best option may be to invest in outdoor heated mats. There are many benefits to outdoor heated mats:

  • They protect the walkway underneath from the damaging effects of snow and ice.
  • They protect the walkway underneath from the damaging effects of chemical products, and snow removal tools.
  • They are an entirely hands-free method of snow removal.
  • They save you time in shoveling, and money in buying new snow removal products each winter season.
  • They provide a safe and even walking area, not only for those utilizing canes, wheel chairs, and walkers but for everyone, since we are all more susceptible to falls when there is snow and ice on the ground.

With the severe winter of the past few years, investing time and resources into rethinking your snow removal methods is a must. Depending on your walkways and stairways, you may opt for just one of the tips above—or any combination of the options.

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