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Success Stories: Knocking It Out of the Park with Safety at Citi Field

Success Stories: Knocking It Out of the Park with Safety at Citi Field

The Challenge 

Queens Ballpark Company, the management entity overseeing Citi Field, home of the NY Mets, was faced with a critical safety issue. The employee skybridge from the parking garage to the facility was frequently icing over, posing significant hazards. With winter conditions worsening, an immediate and dependable solution was necessary to ensure the safety of all staff members traversing this key pathway. 

The HeatTrak PRO Solution 

Peter Cassano, responsible for Corporate Procurement at Queens Ballpark Company, chose HeatTrak PRO to address the icy challenge. The installation of heated mats effectively secured the skybridge from ice, ensuring a safe passage for employees during even the harshest winter days. 

Key Outcomes

1. Safety

HeatTrak PRO mats ensured the skybridge was safe for use, effectively eliminating the risk of slips and falls due to ice. This critical improvement has ensured the well-being of every employee using the pathway, reinforcing Queens Ballpark Company’s commitment to safety at Citi Field.

2. Wow-Factor

The successful installation drew positive attention from both the staff and higher management. It demonstrated Queens Ballpark Company’s proactive approach and commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to enhance infrastructure and safety.

3. Labor Savings

With these heated mats in place, the need for frequent manual de-icing was greatly reduced, freeing maintenance staff to focus on other important duties around the ballpark, enhancing operational efficiency.

Client Testimonial 

Cassano expressed his satisfaction with the results: 

“We are extremely happy with our mats! They got us out of a pinch. The mats arrived promptly and right before a snowstorm. The higher-ups are very pleased with the products.” 


Queens Ballpark Company’s implementation of HeatTrak PRO at Citi Field showcases the transformative impact of effective snow and ice management systems. This project not only enhanced safety but also operational efficiency, illustrating the company’s commitment to maintaining a high-quality, safe environment at one of New York's most famous sports venues. This success story serves as a powerful testament to the value of innovative solutions in high-stakes environments. 

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