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How to Care for your Mats in the Off Season

How to Care for your Mats in the Off Season

It’s finally time to kick off your snow boots and hang up your heavy parka jacket – winter (and snow season!) is over. Now is the perfect time to spend a few minutes thinking about how you’ll store your HeatTrak Snow Melting System come spring.

Carefully cleaning and storing your HeatTrak Mats is the best way to keep them in top working order for seasons to come. Here are our top tips on how to do it:

Step One: Disconnect from the Power Source

Start by disconnecting the first mat in your chain of connected mats from the Power Unit and disconnecting your power unit from the electrical outlet. Next, remove the light tester from the last mat in your chain of connected mats and return it to the end of the Power Unit. Wipe your Power Unit with a damp cloth and inspect your Power Unit for any signs of damage before loosely wrapping the cord and placing it into storage. If your Power Unit has been damaged during the season, you can order a new one here.

(Note: Power Units shipping with Entrance Mats do not contain a light tester.)

Step Two: Clean the Mats & Cords

The mats should be cleaned with a mild dish detergent and soft scrub brush to remove dirt, salt, or any other debris. Hose the mats down and allow them to air dry. We recommend cleaning them in place and while connected to prevent the ingress of water to the system through the plugs. If this isn’t possible, we recommend using electrical tape to protect the plugs and clean carefully to avoid introducing water into the mats.

Cords, outlets and plugs can be wiped down with a soft damp cloth to remove dirt and salt and wrapped loosely and neatly for off season storage. For an extra layer of protection, we suggest keeping the cords and accessories packaged together in a bag similar to the one your products shipped in.


Step Three: Disconnect by Location

Next, uninstall your mats by location, keeping them grouped together to make reinstalling them for next season an easy process. As you disconnect your mats, inspect each component for wear, tear and damage, including the extension cables, plugs, external thermostats, wi-fi outlets and remote control devices to ensure all are in working order and not damaged. If necessary, order replacement items now so you aren’t delayed when it’s time to set up in the fall.


Step Four: Storing your Mats

Location: Locate the best available area to store your mats. Mats should be stored in a location where they won’t be walked on, driven over, or otherwise damaged. Chose an area that is off limits to animals (especially rodents), as they may chew on and damage the cords or mats.

Position: The best way to store HeatTrak Mats is neatly stacked on a completely flat surface in an area where they will be up, out of the way. As a safety precaution, you should carefully inspect the surface area before laying down the mats - keep an eye out for rocks, sticks, or any other debris that could damage the mats by creasing the internal electrical wires. (Creases can lead to overheating when they are plugged in next season).

HeatTrak Mats may also be rolled for storage as they were originally packaged. The grit surface should always be on the outside and the smooth rubber on the inside. This will prevent the ends of the mat from curling.

Step Five: Organize & Safely Store Your Mats With A HeatTrak Storage Bag (Optional)

This step may be optional, but highly recommended if you are wanting to add an extra layer of protection and keep your mats organized. These moisture-wicking, versatile storage bags are made specifically for HeatTrak products, so you can tuck away mats and accessories with ease.

Proper storage is crucial for the longevity of your HeatTrak Snow Melting System. If you have any questions regarding the spring and summer care of your HeatTrak mats, please feel free to send an email at questions@heattrak.com and we will be happy to answer your storage questions for you!

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