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Getting the Most Out Of Your HeatTrak Mats For A Safe, Breezy Winter Season

a trail of HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats is placed on a wooden, snowy deck with mountains and trees in the background

I. Introduction

Tackling snow and ice in the harsh throes of winter can be a daunting task for many property owners. Traditional methods like shoveling, applying chemical de-icers or salt not only require constant upkeep, but can also cause significant damage to your property and landscaping. HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats were created to tackle these common issues by making snow removal more convenient, safer, and smarter. In this article, we aim to answer the most common questions you might have as a property owner in regards to safety and application of these innovative mats, and how rise above the limitations of traditional snow removal.

II. The Significance of Effective Snow Removal

Traditional snow removal can have its advantages, but they weren't designed for everyone.

Problems with traditional methods

Shoveling snow has been linked to an increased risk of cardiac arrest and back pain. With the weight of the snow and the consistent movement, this method isn't very friendly to people with disabilities, mobility issues, or are recovering from an injury. Hiring snow removal services may be a solution, but keep these can be costly and require frequent visits, especially if snow is the norm in your area.

  • What about ice melt/salts? Although these don't strain your back, salts and other de-icers can cause cracks and degrade the structural integrity of your walkways. These also can pose a health risk to yourself and your pets if swallowed or applied to your skin.

The perks of snow melting mats

Not only do HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats prevent salty messes and bodily injuries, but they were are truly designed for everyone's needs. Unable to shovel? Check. Don't have the time or energy? Check. Want to control how and when you melt snow from the comfort of your home? CHECK. And the perks don't stop there - the versatility, as outlined below, is made for everyone and their properties, too!

III. Exploring the Versatility and Safety of HeatTrak Mats

Ensuring Safety during Various Weather Conditions

Rain, sleet, hail, or snow - weather conditions can be wildly unpredictable during the winter months. However, HeatTrak Mats are made to tackle these conditions with advanced water evaporation for anti-slip prevention. Check out our FAQ article to learn more about what happens to the water when the snow melts. Keep in mind the mats are not submersible – their exclusive purpose is to melt snow and ice, so don’t let them sit in a puddle of water for any length of time. 

While the primary function revolves around melting snow and ice, homeowners need not worry about the mats’ functionality in the event of rain, so you can happily put on your rain boots for some epic puddle jumping without slipping on the way there.

Usage on Different Surface Types

1. Wood Surfaces

With thousands of satisfied customers applying heated snow melting mats on wooden surfaces (decks and patios being the most popular), fears about drying or damaging the wood can be safely put to rest. Check out this customer review on how they are using HeatTrak for their deck:

"I live in central NY and the weather is cold 4-5 months/year. We have 4 mats on our deck leading to our hot tub and the mats keep the snow melted and our feet warm, whether we are dry going to the hot tub or wet coming out. My kids and dog will even lay on them to warm themselves! Roll them up and store them in warmer months and easier lay them back out! Awesome product!" – Justin W., New York USA.

2. Grass or Turf

Navigating through the winter with clear pathways is pivotal, even on grass or turf. HeatTrak Mats can be effectively used on these surfaces provided the ground is flat. However, as a safety precaution, you should carefully inspect the surface area before you install your mats. Why? Because any weight you apply by stepping on them could crease the internal electrical wires, which could lead to the mats overheating. It's also wise to watch out for any rocks, sticks, or other debris. 

3. Brick and Rock Walkways

Implementing HeatTrak mats on brick pathways is a safe and practical choice, ensuring a slip-free route amidst snowy days. However, it is strongly advised to avoid placing the mats directly on rocky pathways to avoid any punctures of the wires or the mat itself.

However, if all your walkways are made of rock, pebble, or gravel, the best solution  is to add a layer between the ground and mats. Laying down a piece of plywood or carpeting between them will reduce the potential for punctures to occur.

IV. Extending the Utility of Heated Mats with Proper Care and Use


As your snow melting mats are busy warming and clearing your walkways outdoors, salt, dirt or pet hair are bound to make an appearance. But, no fear! Just use a mild dish detergent and scrub brush to remove any debris. Then, hose the mats down and allow to air dry. Make sure any connector fittings are secured with caps or electrical tape to prevent ingress of water or moisture.


With no more snowflakes in the air, it's the time to put away your beloved mats and wait until they are ready to work their magic again. Fortunately, storing them is a simple process:

Before you put your snow melting mats away for the season, thoroughly inspect them to make sure everything is working properly and there is no damage. 

Areas to inspect:

  • Exterior of the mats
  • Electrical cords
  • Plugs
  • Power units
  • External thermostats
  • Remote controls
  • Outlet

For more detailed instructions, check out our FAQ post: How do I clean and store my mats?

V. Addressing Additional Queries and Providing Further Resources

HeatTrak is committed to ensuring your winter days are safer, efficient, and easier, and we want to make sure you are set up for success. For further inquiries, our comprehensive instruction manual, available with every HeatTrak purchase, provides a detailed setup guide so you are ready to let the mats do their snow melting magic as quickly as possible.

We also have an in-house customer service team to help answer your questions or concerns. You can reach out to us via email at or give us a call at (888) 586-4904 Monday - Friday during regular business hours (EST).

VI. Wrapping Up

Experiencing a winter free of backbreaking shoveling, toxic salts, or inconvenience begins with incorporating HeatTrak into your snow management routine. HeatTrak not only addresses common winter pain points, but is made with high-quality, durable materials that can withstand any chilly situation for any property type. Get started today by exploring our diverse product collections!

VII. Additional Resources

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