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5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Snow Without Shoveling

5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Snow Without Shoveling

Let’s just cut to the chase: Shoveling snow sucks. It’s wet...it’s cold...it’s exhausting. Sure, it’s technically “good exercise,” but if we’re all being real here, the negatives definitely outweigh the positives when it comes to manually shoveling snow.

Many Americans will resort to this method to remove snow from their driveway, but there are actually a ton of different techniques out there to get the white stuff out of the way, and guess what? They don’t require neanderthalic strength. Read on for 5 ways to get rid of snow without busting out the plastic shovel.

  1. Lay down a tarp

Your neighbors are gonna think you’re crazy. Crazy smart that is. All you need for the “tarp method” is a large, plastic tarp that you can find in the camping section of almost any hardware store. Before the anticipated snowfall, lay your tarp down on your driveway and just…”let it snow.”  All you’ll need to do is pull the tarp away from the driveway to reveal a clear pathway. Everyone will be, like, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

  1. Use a leaf blower

Is that leaf blower of yours collecting dust during the winter season? Why not put it to good use and blow the snow off your driveway? Keep in mind, this will only work on the fluffy, fresh stuff, nevertheless, it’s a whole lot better than shoveling. You could even say it “blows” the shovel out of the water. You knew that one was coming, right?

  1. Invest in a heated driveway

Not so much a snow removal method as a “preventative measure,” heated driveways are becoming more and more popular these days, especially in the northern, snow-prone states. The next time you get a new driveway, try upgrading to a “heated driveway” that has an electrical circuit underneath the surface. The cost to run a heated driveway is about 28 cents per hour for every 100 square feet, which isn’t so bad, especially if it means you’ll never have to shovel your walk...ever...again.

  1. Roll it

Did you know that if snow is firm enough, it can be rolled like a Fruit-Rollup? All you need to do is create a “log” of snow, then start pushing it, lifting the packed snow as you go. This method is definitely not for the couch potato, but if you’re strong and able, it can actually be pretty fun!

  1. Sweep it

Channel your inner Snow White and whisk away that snow with a sweep of your broomstick. This method is great for walkways and smaller driveways covered in a light, fluffy layer of snow. Use a straw broom or heavy-duty push broom for best results. Oh, and don’t be surprised if a song bird randomly lands on your finger.

  1. Use a snow blower

Otherwise known as the “lazy man’s method,” a snow blower is basically like a lawn mower for snow. Genius? We think yes. It can cut your snow removal time down exponentially, plus, it’s easy and fun to use. Snow blowers can be a bit expensive, but so many people swear by this nifty, swift machine. You might even start plowing your neighbors driveways just for fun.

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