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Snow Melting Mats Lower Slip-and-Fall Rates, Liability Exposure at US Customs & Border Patrol Station

Snow Melting Mats Lower Slip-and-Fall Rates, Liability Exposure at US Customs & Border Patrol Station

now Melting Mats Lower Slip-and-Fall Rates, Liability Exposure at US Customs & Border Patrol StationDoraville, GA, January 2019 - At the Canadian-US border, average temperatures during the winter months normally drop to the single digits and can go as low as -41 degrees. With snow accumulations there at about 90 inches a year, keeping the US Customs & Border Patrol station at Houlton, Maine, clear of snow and ice is a serious concern.  To reduce slip-and-fall accidents due to the winter elements, the station’s facility maintenance team recently installed a HeatTrak Snow Melting Mat System to keep agents and visitors safe.

“We typically use the traditional methods of salt and chemicals to keep areas free of ice and snow,” said Carl Lord, part of the team. “However, the heavy foot traffic associated with our location was tracking residue into the building, creating a safety hazard and doing damage to floors. We decided to look for an alternative solution and found HeatTrak.”

HeatTrak’s snow melting mat systems are designed to prevent snow and ice accumulation at industrial facilities and commercial environments, according to senior HeatTrak product specialist Ryan Williams.  He explained that HeatTrak mats prevent new snow from accumulating by melting it on contact at a rate of two inches per hour.

“Our snow melting mats are durable and stand up to heavy foot traffic. They are making a significant difference at Houlton by keeping the workplace clear of snow and ice without compromising on cleanliness.  The issue the team there had is common at facilities with heavy foot traffic.  Our mats have become the ‘go-to’ solution to address this problem,” Williams said.

HeatTrak is the original inventor of portable snow melting mats. With more than 50,000 mats in use around North America, the company has become the industry expert in snow removal matting products.  Its electrically heated snow melting mats plug into any standard 120V, 208V or 240V electrical outlet, melting snow and ice on contact.  HeatTrak products help facility managers reduce slip-and-fall rates, thereby reducing their liability exposure and helping to lower their insurance premiums.

“Keeping people safe is our number-one priority.  With the HeatTrak system we’ve seen a decline in slip-and-fall accidents and, commensurately, a decrease in our liability risk,” Lord said.

HeatTrak is the developer and primary manufacturer of outdoor heated matting products. Founded in 2004, the company’s products are an efficient, convenient, and economical way to eliminate snow and ice accumulation around the workplace.  More than 50,000 mats are in use throughout North America at facilities that include Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, and universities.  Read more about HeatTrak and the company’s complete range of solutions at

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