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10 Facts about Heated Snow Melting Mats that will help you Sleep at Night

10 Facts about Heated Snow Melting Mats that will help you Sleep at Night

10 Facts about Heated Snow Melting Mats that will help you Sleep at Night

Snow melting mats offer the perfect snow removal method for businesses and residential properties. Now you can afford to sleep comfortably during those long, cold winter nights, without worry of impending snow storms.

Just in case you haven't heard about this wonder-product that saves you untold time of back-breaking shoveling, we compiled a list of why these snow melting mats would be your best friend during the next icy winter.

1) Energy efficient with no expensive installation

These electricity-operated mats do not require expensive installations. Simply plug each heated outdoor mat into any standard 120V or 240V outlet, using its own ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and as the snow falls the mats begin their heating process to clear your walkways and paths. As the leading supplier of these snow melting mats, we are known to supply very energy efficient mats, so you won’t need to worry about fuel cost.

2) Reduce or eliminate slip and fall lawsuits

Designed to lie on top of existing surfaces, outdoor heating mats work 24-hours, continuously melting snow, so there’s no build-up to cause slip and fall accidents. Look for mats with a continuous groove pattern in the mats that will provide extra traction for additional safety.

3) 24-hour removal service with no physical strain

These snow melting mats ease the burden of maintaining your property during fierce snowstorms. They act as a perfect removal service for your home or business and involve no physical strain. You’ll have no need for shoveling, or sprinkling salt or sand on your walk ways. Just position your heated outdoor mat at the beginning of the season and watch the snow melt.

4) Clear and safe surfaces guaranteed

The snow melting mats provide safe and clear sidewalks and other walkways during the most severe storms. Because these mats guarantee a snow and ice free surface, there’s no need to pass the night worrying about whether you’ll be able to leave home or open your business.

5) Can be conveniently positioned in the most critical areas

One of the best advantages of outdoor heated mats is that they are portable, allowing you to shift them around. You can, therefore, position them in critical areas to prevent snow pile-up.

6) Eliminate the fear of being snowed in

With snow melting mats, the days of having to purchase snow removal equipment or wait for snow plows or residential snow removal service before you can enter or exit your home or business are past. These outdoor heated mats ensure you’re not snowed in.

7) No need to worry about inaccurate weather reports

The accuracy of weather reports is no longer crucial to the smooth operations of your business. Thanks to outdoor heating mats, you no longer need to put elaborate measures in place, ahead of a snow storm.

8) Can withstand severe weather

These heated outdoor mats are durable. They’re built to withstand severe weather and heavy pedestrian traffic. You’ll no longer need the snow removal tractor by compact option when a major snowstorm hits.

9) Protect natural landscapes and infrastructure

You don’t have to lose your natural landscapes to snow storms. Outdoor heated mats are environmental friendly, providing an excellent protection of natural landscapes and pavements unlike salt, sand and other harsh de-icing chemicals.

10) You get your money’s worth

Snow melting mats are perfect for anyone who requires an effective snow removal method. When you utilize snow melting mats on your property you’re guaranteed your money’s worth. And everyone knows any solution that saves money definitely contributes to a good night's sleep.

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