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HeatTrak Industrial Heated Floor Mats Can Fit Any Business

Need snow melting systems for your business? Snow and ice removal industry leaders, HeatTrak, can help you prepare your facility for the winter season. HeatTrak’s innovative industrial heat mats proactively melt snow and ice from your walkways, stairs, entranceways, and other areas of your facility that help with:
  • Safety through reducing slips and falls liability
  • Labor-savings 
  • Cost-savings 
  • Convenience 
  • Wow-factor for your customers and/or staff

Made in North America.
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Some of our Satisfied customers


The mats were a perfect solution for the steel grated walkways around the facility. The mats kept them clear of snow and ice and we didn’t have to worry about the employees slipping and falling.

We used to always have ice build-up on the central footbridge until we installed a HeatTrak mat. I’m sorry I didn’t find you guys sooner.

The heated mats and stair treads did a great job keeping ice and snow off the main entranceway. We were also pleasantly surprised to see how well the mats stood up to the hundreds of Alcoa employees who walked over them every morning.

We were extremely happy with the HeatTrak mats. They did an excellent job keeping the entrances ice free for our students and faculty.

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