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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

Snow Removal Through the Years

Once upon a time…. We’re all about snow removal--specifically a very modern, technological method of snow removal. But whether you use an electric snow-melting system or a tale-as-old-as-time-shovel, it’s undeniably fascinating to hear about how things worked before our modern conveniences. The National Snow & Ice Data Center presents a...

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The Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day When You're No Longer a Kid

  I know--you’re probably thinking, “Adults don’t get snow days.” But that’s not so true anymore. As the record snowfall of the last several years has demonstrated, offices do close, roads aren’t always cleared, and sometimes managers agree that the safest option is just to stay home.   And no...

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7 Tips To Understanding Your Winter Weather Report

Legend has it that variations in the woolly bear caterpillar's number of black vs. red-brown segments correspond to the intensity of winter weather in the months just ahead. Now, that kind of "weather report" requires a good deal of faith to rely on. But the truth is that many homeowners...

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HeatTrak in Action: Our New Video!

The winter months are tricky to navigate for anyone, but the group that faces the most difficulty is unquestionably the elderly. They have an increased susceptibility to slipping and falling, and are more sensitive to the cold weather conditions. HeatTrak solves those problems by clearing a safe path to freedom...

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