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Facilities Maintenance, Safety and Surviving the Snow

Prepare Your Facility For Snow and Ice Melt Flooding & Water Damage

Three-quarters of the water supply in the western parts of the United States are derived from the annual snow and ice melt at winter's end. While this is a natural process that is vital to the ecosystem, the flooding it causes can wreak havoc at commercial or industrial facilities. Any...

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Snow Removal for A Salt Shortage

When facilities under-prepared for a wintertime rock salt shortage are suddenly faced with an unusually snowy and long-lasting winter, the results can be disastrous. Building access, ADA compliance, parking lot and walkway safety levels, and more can suffer greatly as over-tasked crews attempt to tackle commercial snow removal with insufficient...

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Matt Peterson on Risk Management, Insurance, and the Snow and Ice Removal Industry

In this interview with Matt Peterson, President of Mills Insurance Group and Snow Removal Insurance Brokerage, we’ll discuss risk management and insurance for the snow and ice management industry. HeatTrak: Welcome, Matt! We’re so thrilled to have you on the blog today. You have such a unique perspective to share since...

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